Gallatin or CAS? NYU

Hello! I am trying to decide between Gallatin and CAS. I am an English major and want to apply to law school after college. I also like poetry and history. I am a pretty independent person but also like some structure. I was accepted to both (unusual, I know). Any advice? Also any advice for living on/off campus? Off I would just get my own apartment and not have a roommate.

Congrats on getting in! I can’t help much with the school aspect but as for the apartment, keep in mind that apartments in the East Village and nearby neighborhoods will run you about 2,300 a month on average, and that’s just for a studio. If you want a one bed you’ll be paying a couple hundred/ one thousand more. If that’s doable for you Street easy is a good place to start or if you want some guidance TripleMint is a good alternative option to a broker that’s a little cheaper and you won’t have to do a lot of the heavy lifting.