<p>GALLATIN or CAS...which one of them is harder to get into? Gallatin demands that you be extremely independent and I think Gallatin would be a perfect fit for me. but, CAS is great too....and just out of curiousity- which one is harder to gain acceptance into?</p>

<p>This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but, the admission committee will know if you applied to gallatin because you think its easier to get into. That said, apply to whichever one fits your academic goals. If you can't find an interesting in major in CAS, apply to gallatin. FYI: CAS does have the liberal studies program, which tends to admit applicants that usually have one thing in their application that is not as high as typical NYU standards. Overall, Gallatin is probably harder to get into because it is so specialized. However, CAS is becoming increasingly more competitive, which includes the liberal studies program. It is a tough call, so just apply to whichever one fits your personality. GOOD LUCK :) I hope this helped.</p>

<p>Thanks! But, I didn't know that CAS had a liberal studies program- what is it called? Or is it not called anything and just a part of the CAS curriculum?
Sorry...I just started considering NYU.</p>

<p>Take a look at this for more information on the liberal studies program: NYU</a> > A & S > About Liberal Studies</p>

<p>What are your stats/interests?</p>

<p>I checked out that link- but I can apply to CAS and then NYU decides whether I get into the Liveral studies program. I can't apply directly to it.
My stats are like almost everyone else:</p>

<p>3.7 ish GPA (we use the 100% scale)
average SATS</p>

<p>But, I have really strong ECS-
Fine arts since I could pick up a pencil- done half a portfolio
Heavily into sports- basket-ball, was captain, throwball, table-tennis,
Writing- love it- have a few published works in some local newspapers and on the editorial team for school newspaper.
Founded Recycling Program in school.
Solid leadership positions.</p>

<p>Community Service-
Old age home for a year
AIDS hospital for a year
teaching slum children everyday for a summer
part of a youth organization that does some social work</p>

<p>Taking private Spanish classes alongwith studying French in school.
That's pretty much it- apart from a few awards in sports and academics
I just need to get SATS up.</p>

<p>I've done the NYU supplement questions(a first draft)- you wouldn't think they're hard- but they really are hard!
I just keep getting stuck on the last question- why the NYU school one- I don't know which one I'm applying to- CAS or Gallatin?
I would pick Gallatin because I'm so fiercely independent and I want to make my individualized academic study and. But, CAS is nice too- the whole Liberal Arts feel.
I just wish I could pick between them so that I can finish the last question on the supplement already! Someone please help me pick...</p>

<p>well it completely depends on what you want to major in. if you can do what you want in CAS, there's no reason to apply to Gallatin. people don't apply to Gallatin just because they're independent, they apply because they want to major in something or a combination of things that isn't offered at CAS. that should be the deciding factor. by the way, Gallatin has a liberal arts core requirement too.</p>