Gambling: Stay an extra year to complete double major that's capped?

<p>Hi there everyone, I'm currently a sophomore (technically speaking a senior transfer but admitted as a Freshman since I completed my AA whilst in high school) and I've been thinking if it's worth the gamble to stay an extra year and apply for a double major in Public Health. </p>

<p>As of right now, I am a cognitive science major that's ready to graduate this year however I have been thinking that it might be too early for me to leave college and I have always been interested in Healthcare... The thing is, I don't know if it's worth it for me to stay an extra year on a gamble that I might be admitted into the major seeing as how it is a capped major after all. Things that I need to consider is definitely the money. And if I were to stay an extra year and not get in then well... I kinda wasted a year doing nothing (Although I'm sure there will be fun experiences along the way though... I suppose if I don't get admitted I can apply for a minor in something else?) I don't know, any advice you kind College Confidential folks? </p>

<p>How competitive is it to get in the Public Health major?</p>

<p>You mean to say that you will apply for the major for fall 2013? If you do not get in, then wouldn't you be able to graduate then (i.e. one semester extra instead of one year extra)?</p>