Game weekend trip report

<p>I will only talk about the weekend here-</p>

<p>H arrived Friday afternoon, S took him around campus as after two days he knew his way around pretty well. Jami was still at Nott Hall at 7 PM when they stopped in, so S introduced her to his D. They ate at Dreamland. Saturday was incredible, they got back to campus about 2 and parked in the soccer field. They basically ate themselves around the quad all day. Deep fried oreos, and a ton of other real food. They said that the atmosphere was incredible.</p>

<p>They reminded me that two of our towns (and we live in a pretty big town) would fit into the stadium. The atmosphere at the game was exciting. There is so much school spirit.</p>

<p>It took them quite awhile to get out of town and with the 8PM start didn’t get back to the Hyatt Place in Birmingham until 2:30 am, but totally worth it. The Hyatt was very nice. They are changing their flights out of Atlanta as they were just wiped out and were late getting on the road this morning.</p>


<p>Glad to hear they had a good time. Nothing like a game day in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide!!</p>


really? that’s pretty big lol…</p>

<p>I was about to say the same thing, siglio.</p>

<p>I imagine she’s talking population wise, not area. 101,000+ is quite a few people.</p>

<p>LOL…and on Home Game Weekends, the population swells to about double!</p>

<p>Love the line about eating their way around the Quad. I so wanted to do that, too, on parents weekend. Glad you had a great visit.</p>

<p>And wow, I must say, I’m impressed with the OP’s son taking the lead and showing his Dad around campus. Sounds like he felt very comfortable there.</p>

<p>Looking forward to seeing y’all on campus next year!</p>

<p>We were there this weekend too! We enjoyed the pep ralley, the parade, walking down sorority row looking at the homecoming displays and people watching in the quad. My DS and his friend had a BIG time too. Both of them kept saying, “this place has the largest assembly of beautiful girls we have ever seen”. LOL They stood in line and had the Crimsonettes autograph a poster…they said it was for my 12 year old daughter. :-)</p>

<p>Crimson, that is too funny, but so true!</p>