Gaming In College

<p>Yeah... I'm a video game nut, and I wanna be able to play games while I'm in college (I'm a senior in HS next year). How does this work exactly? Like do I need to buy a TV, or do some colleges have TVs in the rooms? Info would be appreciated :)</p>

<p>Uh, you have to bring your own TV usually, but check with the housing departments at the universities you're looking at attending.</p>

<p>my friend brought a large, flat screen computer monitor, and hooked up his xbox to it.</p>

<p>You'll very likely have to bring all your own equipment, and make sure it fits in your room. Then make sure you don't annoy your roommate with it. The annoying repetitive music isn't as easy to tune out when you're not the one playing. (says a pseudo gamer with a gamer boyfriend)</p>

<p>buy a 1500$ laptop and game with that...yeah, there's no camaraderie, but it's much more convenient...also some friend will probably already have an xbox ready</p>

also some friend will probably already have an xbox ready


I know you weren't hinting at a guy sharing his xbox</p>

<p>There may be TV lounges to use, but one, you won't want to sit in there all day, and two, other people may want to use it to watch shows (although in my experience that was not the case).</p>

<p>So yeah, you need a TV if you want it in your room.</p>