Gap Year after College Graduation - Cross Roads?

Gap Year after College Graduation - Cross Roads ?

Thanks for weighing in to my threads. I did review many thraeds in this forum about Gap year - Covid 19. My son graduate in May 2020 with Physics Major & astronomy minor with Cum Laude from Maryland . He has undergraduate research experience.

His applications for PhD program (Astronomy/Astrophysics) for many schools did not pan out due to pandemic.

He applied for many jobs for his gap year and many of them are pending review status. I am not sure , whether employers are skeptical to hire gap year students.

I find some piece suggest to

“Get a Remote Research Position or Internship”

Are there any website/resource that list such positions?

What are the next course of actions/avenue available for him?

Thanks for your guidance/insight.

He is not on a gap year. He is working for a year or two while he considers whether or not to apply to grad school.

Yes, the job market is tough right now, so he might not have any options that are related to his major. He needs to just get whatever job he can find. The professors he worked with as an undergraduate are probably the best sources for information about positions in his field. He should be speaking with them.