Gap year and teacher recomendations

<p>So I'm an international student who thought that one applies AFTER doing one's board exams (IGCSE in my case) so I'm taking a gap year now of sorts. Also, my school doesn't have a guidance counselor so my principal would be completing that app instead, but has no idea how to, so I'll have to be there when he does.</p>

<p>As I've graduated from school, do I have to upload the School Report and Midyear Report instead of just uploading the Final Report only? (with the International Supp too ofc)</p>

<p>SAT/ACT scores are sent to colleges by the boards themselves but in my country a copy of the IGCSE Certificate is enough to gain admission, so should I just upload a scanned copy?</p>

<p>Also, the teachers that taught me and knew me most during school have left (common occurrence, as the school's not a good one). Can they still submit their teacher recs?</p>

<p>I'll also be posting this in the International Students forum in case someone who's had the same issues might be able to help out.</p>