gap year and transfer policies

I'm taking a year off this year because I didn't get into the university I wanted. I'm going to join the army reserve, and receiving basic training and AIT training, military intelligence. After that, I will have my deployment deferred until I finish my BA; however, I'm currently enrolled in my state university, and I just have this really difficult time in deciding what I want to do in the future. I guess I can get into a better university with my stats, 3.9 UW GPA, 30 ACT, and National AP scholar.
If I decide to withdrawn from my current university, will I be considered as a freshman applicant when I re-apply for colleges next year? And what colleges should I apply? I'm very interested in liberal art, especially comparative literature and philosophy. I prefer the school to be small and prestigious. I think prestige is the most important factor.I need a political network for army promotions, but I don't want to go to military academies, they are too narrow minded.</p>

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<p>Apply now and do ROTC...</p>

<p>Hey man,
I'm taking a gap year too for the similar reason. I am ALSO looking at Liberal Arts Colleges as well! I completely withdrew from wherever I was planning to go, and I'll be applying to colleges as a freshmen again. Heard it's easier as a first year applicant than transferring. We should definitely talk more... haha</p>