Gap year between AP Physics 1 and AP physics 2

My school offered AP Physics 1 in freshmen year which I took. I plan to take AP Physics 2 and AP Physics c. My quick question is can I skip taking AP physics 2 in sophomore year and then take it in Junior. Will I forget concepts or will it look bad to skip physics for one year and then come back for it. Can I take AP physics 2 in junior and AP physics C in senior year?

Many students take Bio, Chem, Physics, and then AP in one of those. That means that a majority of students will have at least a one year gap before starting a second science course in a sequence. I don’t think it’s a concern. Physics 2 also covers a different set of topics, so even less of an issue.

Have you decided on what type of major you want to pursue in college?

Have you taken at least one year of Biology and Chemistry?

Where are you in math?

For those interested in STEM fields, and taking Calculus at least concurrently, I’d recommend Physics 1 and then Physics C, being sure to cover the other subjects.

Algebra-based Physics typically won’t get you meaningful college credit in those fields and covering all three sciences is important.

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t decided on my major yet. I am doing pre-ap Bio now and will do pre AP chem in my sophomore year. So you are suggesting that I go from Physics 1 to Physics C?

I agree with this. I had difficulty also with my school only offering Algebra-based physics, so I’m doing an independent study in C right now. I recommend just taking AP Physics C your junior year (or concurrently with calculus) and saving your senior year for AP Chem or AP Bio.

You’re more likely to get credit for C than 1 or 2.

Physics C: Mechanics is literally a repeat of Physics 1, just that some of the formulas now use calculus. So yes, it makes the most sense to go from Physics 1 to C. Physics 2 introduces new topics so you can take that later.