Gap Year

I am currently undertaking what many would consider a “gap year.” I graduated from high school a year early, and I am now living overseas. I am taking courses at a well respected university in my new home. I have just applied to American schools, and I was wondering if this experience would give me any sort of advantage. Would the fact that I graduated a year early be frowned upon? Any advice, especially from someone who has been/is in my position, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

<p>i graduated early, and am going straight to college, but graduating early hasn't been a problem for me. my transcript is a bit on the weaker side since it only has three years, but those three years were pretty darn good grade-wise. so even if you have three years, if they're three strong years, then you'll be fine. and i hear some colleges like students who have been abroad, so that may help you a bit.</p>

<p>thanks, any other opinions?</p>