Garcia Summer program 2021

Same here, got the same email.

What’s difference between garcia and simons

garcia = material sci
simons = lab sciences + some CS/mechE

do yall think results will come out today?

No idea.

But the results should be out by this Friday.

that seems like so long a wait right now lmao.

The result was out, sent to wrong address.

What do you mean? Was it emailed or mailed (cuz otherwise the wrong address part is a little confusing haha)

I got in!! They sent the decisions via email just now.

must have only been to those accepted :frowning:

Got in. The result was sent to a different email, not the one got confirmation a few days ago.

weird, i haven’t gotten any emails to any of my accounts… i guess i’ll just wait :slight_smile: but congrats to those of you who got in!

Thanks and good luck!

Accepted too! Congrats guys!

I didn’t get anything

Opinions on Garcia vs NJGSS/PGSS?

Close call. Garcia is usually rated a bit higher but it’s really narrow with the material science focus. Idk how much it’s going to help your profile of that’s not the route you want to go down. GS’s are very well respected. Congrats on your options

Garcia or Simons? Which is better?

Rejection letters out for Garcia?