Garcia Summer program 2021

To all the Garcia Summer Program Attendees from 2020, how was your online research experience? Were you able to get individual projects form the online experience. I’m applying this year and wanted to be sure.

Anybody knows when the decision will come out?

Nope. Did anyone get a confirmation email?

I got a UPS confirmation email because I tracked my package. The results came out on April 28 last year so May 1 seems like a reasonable date to expect the result given they have to “review a record number of applications.”

No confirmation here as well. I also have my Fedex tracking info only. Hopefully, we hear back soon.

Just wondering, but for sending the official transcripts, if anyone used naviance, the mailing date is the date the school sent it right? Is there anything I had to do for the transcript to be sent or is it sent automatically by the school?

I contacted my guidance counselor and she emailed the official transcripts to the address on the application.

dang, I wish I could do that but my school doesnt allow emailed transcripts

Does anyone know if Garcia Summer program provided financial Aids to the unprivileged students because the Tuition Fees are Too high.

Has anybody heard any updates on decisions?

Just received a confirmation email. Still no results.

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no results and no confirmation email for me


Anyone heard anything? Any update?

nope. it was on the last tuesday of April at this time last year. was hoping it would be today

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it will most likely come out before may right

Hopefully next week the waiting will be over.

Anybody gets an update please post here.

Got another email confirmation.

“We expect to complete the review process by early next week and will be corresponding with you at this email address.”

Yup, I just got the same email.