Garrett Sherwood Scholarships at Whitman College?

Has anyone here gotten one? What were your stats? How much are they worth?

Hi- I got the scholarship. It is worth $25,000/year. I had a 3.99 GPA and 33 ACT. However, I also ran my own non-profit in high school which I assume is what got me the scholarship because it focuses on leadership and community contributions.

Did you submit your ACT score?

Hi! I also got the Garret Sherwood scholarship. My UW GPA is 3.97 and I had a superscored 33 ACT. I have a perfume business. started and run a club, and am in my city’s youth board.

The $25k award you received was a merit scholarship, distinct from the Garrett or Sherwood Scholarship you also received. The Garrett-Sherwood Scholarships have a value of between $500 and $10,000 depending on demonstrated need. The real value of the Garrett-Sherwood Scholarships is the prestige, networking and NYC trip all Garrett-Sherwood Scholars take during their Junior year.

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This is not true. The Garrett-Sherwood Scholarship is wholly merit-based and does not factor in financial need at all. Any need-based aid that students receive would be unrelated to the Garrett-Sherwood funds. At the time I applied to Whitman, I believe the highest merit scholarship a student could receive was $22,000, so anyone receiving a $25,000 merit-based scholarship was a recipient of the Garrett-Sherwood Scholarship.

I agree that receiving the Garrett-Sherwood is strictly merit based and distinct from need-based financial aid awards. However, there is a range of financial rewards associated with the Garrett-Sherwood Scholarship - I think that range is $500 - $10,000. I’m not certain about how the award within that range is determined so my assumption that the award considered some need-based factors may be wrong. However, I do know for a fact that my student received $25k merit-based award yesterday and there was no mention of Garrett-Sherwood. I assume this means my student did not receive the Garrett-Sherwood.

Ok, now I understand what you were saying. The merit scholarships this year may be higher than they were a few years ago when I applied. I am fairly certain that during my admissions cycle the highest merit scholarships were given to Garrett Sherwood Scholars, and if you were not selected for the cohort the highest you could receive in merit aid was ~$22,000.
I think the college has changed how the Garrett Sherwood Scholars program works over the past few years. A few years ago, only 2-3 Garrett Sherwoods were selected each year for a full ride scholarship. My year, they changed it so that about 10-20 students were selected for $25,000 scholarships. I know that for this year’s cycle they accepted ~40 students into the Garrett Sherwood program, so that would explain the discrepancy in merit aid from when I received the scholarship. You may be right about the reward only being around $10,000 now.

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Hoping you’re still around to share your student’s stats for the scholarship they received. Whitman is one of my D23’s top choices and I’m wondering what her chances are to get a significant scholarship like that. Also how does your student like Whitman so far?

Hello All,
Although there seems to be sufficient information regarding the scholarship on this thread. I thought I may as well share my experience as well. I received the Garrett Sherwood Scholarship for the class of 2025.
It is fully merit based with a value of $25,000.

Like others who responded to this thread, I started a non-profit and was involved in entrepreneurial ventures. I was a competitive rock climber, took 12 AP courses throughout high school, and had an unweighted GPA of 3.94. I was an avid filmmaker and have won numerous awards at national and global youth film festivals.

I did not choose attend Whitman College. A few thing concerned me such as their plan to expand the student population in response to the financial sustainability review that was conducted in 2020.

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Whitman is one of my 2023 D’s top picks, and I’ve been trying to get info on this scholarship, so thanks for posting. She has high stats (4.88 WGPA/4.0, #1 in her class) while taking max amount of AP classes, etc. She is a three sport athlete (two she does all year round) so she isn’t heavily involved in all of the volunteer stuff (just one public service club at school.). I’m wondering if she has a chance at this scholarship? We won’t qualify for need based aid, so I’ll be hesitant to have her attend the school without their max merit award.