Gas Range Recommendations

Looks like our 15+ yo gas range is not working well. The oven is not heating up, even though it looks like the flame is on. The self cleaning quit a few years ago and some of the burners don’t always light (have to use a lighter). So much as I don’t want to, looks like it may be time for a replacement.

Standard 30 inch. Can do a slide-in as the backsplash is there. Not looking for a pro-level brand (Wolf etc.) Probably not a double-oven as the storage draw is important due to lack of wide cabinets. Currently have a GE and has worked well. Any advice, suggestions on features worth the money and those that are not? No pre-hear air fryer? What is that?

Brands you have had good luck or bad luck with?


This is the one I think I have

Mine has a griddle, it has a convection oven and a warming drawer. I’ve used all of these features. I like the look of it, mine has WiFi but I’ve never been able to get it to connect and it’s not that important.

I had two Frigidaire gas ranges over the years and there were no issues with either of them. If you are a baker, get a range with a convection oven. We also used the warming drawer all the time too.

My parents had a JennAir that they really liked.

I have to say that we upgraded to a Wolf in our last house and there is no going back for me now. It’s absolutely wonderful.

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How about an electric range instead, due to the indoor pollution that a gas range produces?

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I used to work in the repair business of appliances. Parts distribution.

For appliances stay away from Samsung and LG. It isn’t that they are terrible machines it is to get them repaired can be a huge hassle. Parts for those are harder to come by and guys don’t like working on them as much.

Whirlpool, Kitchen-Aid, GE, Electrolux, Fridgaire and are all good.

The less bells and whistles on these machines mean the less that will breakdown.

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You are clearly the expert! We could have used you 2 years ago.

Our gas oven was declared a disaster by our home warranty company, so they gave us money to replace it. We got a GE Profile, which is fine. It has a WiFi/IoT which we never use. But it’s a solid machine.

At this point, I have had used a natural gas stove all my life and so not too worried about indoor air pollution. I have to say that during the power outage that followed hurricane Sandy, having a gas stove was wonderful as we could still cook and make coffee! I am concerned about the degree to which use of natural gas adds to climate change, but at this point I don’t think I would switch to electric.

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What makes the Wolf better?

Perhaps set up with solar and home battery to be able to go off-grid?

Note that automatically igniting gas stoves use electricity for ignition, but many also allow for lighting with a match. However, some may not allow gas to flow if there is no electric power as a safety feature (to prevent gas from escaping if someone turns it on with the power off).

Of course, that depends on where your electricity comes from. E.g. coal versus nuclear, hydro, solar, or wind (with natural gas in between).

If you are concerned about climate change, be sure that you do not have natural gas leaks. In addition to being potentially dangerous, leaked methane has a much stronger (but shorter lived) effect than CO2 from burning the natural gas.

Thanks to mercapton, that is pretty much a non-issue. (Though folks with loss of smell from covid might have issues.) Significant methane sources include termite mounds, livestock, sewage treatment plants, landfills, etc. As a source of methane, flare-offs during gas extraction, refining and production are many, many orders of magnitude greater than that from residential cooking gas leaks.

Burner precision and evenness of baking are the biggies for me. I do a lot of sauces and the simmer burner is wonderful. Also have never had any service issue.

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One crazy thought… Go to Repair Clinic and or Appliance Parts online. Look up your model and symptoms. They have how to videos. Most things can easily be fixed if your so inclined. You Tube is your friend. I have fixed Jenn Air double oven (computer board but I have the source to fix that ($150.00),which controls the oven. Jenn Air halogen burners and Frididare washer /dryer. Most things are easier then you would think.

Since it will light sounds like the igniter or the tube the gas comes through needs to be cleaned or both. This is like a 10-15 minute job. Of course turn off the gas and unplug the electricity and hire a professional if your not comfortable. I had to do the same to my Ducane outdoor grill. Even Amazon has appliance parts…

BTW - my appliance dude said the above couldn’t be fixed. I sent him the results on each one… Lol

From Youtube or Repair Clinic once you figure out the part number you need just type that part number into google and see where it is cheapest to buy. Amazon has a ton of parts. My old company sells to them. Amazon is usually cheaper than Repair Clinic because of shipping. And faster.

PSA: if you don’t use your water in your fridge a ton you don’t have to change the filter when the light comes on. Most people can go another 3-6 months. Those are expensive.

I moved into a new house just over a year ago. My former house had an induction (not the same as electric) range but since so many cooks simply rave about the wonders of cooking with gas, I was very interested in trying it.

Fast forward 16 months; I will be ordering a replacement range, induction with double convection ovens, bridge element option on cooktop and souvide feature before the end of the month. I gave the gas range a fair chance over the past year and I have had enough. Not only is it impossible to lower the cooking temperature enough (even on the lowest power burner) to a true low simmer, it has several times been accidentally turned on by someone either bumping into a knob or a sleeve catching one of the knobs. The induction cooktop I had (which was midrange, not top of the line) performed better across the board than this very disappointing gas model. Another downside is the fact that it forces your air conditioning system to work extra hard to compensate for the large amount of heat it puts out into the room, even 20 minutes after it’s been turned off. It’s a colossal energy waster. Combined with the very real emerging data about the dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide in homes with gas ranges I don’t get why anyone wants to have one in their kitchen, particularly if there are either children or seniors in the household.

Please read the following article in The Atlantic before committing to another gas range. Gas Stoves Are Bad for You, and for the Environment - The Atlantic

Of you are a cook, and can swing the extra expense, ( I think less than $500), I would encourage you to get a dual fuel range…gas cooktop and electric (convection) oven.

Also, if you have not considered it, I’d encourage you to investigate induction ranges. I was VERY leery if them, but after two months using one in an airbnb, I’m hooked. Instant heat control like with gas and ridiculously easy cleanup. An appliance salesman recently demonstrated to me that I can even use my cast iron on them. Yup. It was awesome.