Gates 2016

I wanted to know who is doing gates 2015-2016? And if you guy have started your essays?

Does anyone who has won or applied have any suggestions or tips for how to write these essays? And how to approach the application?

Like you will see from past people (including my brother), they weren’t even in top 10% of their class and didn’t have 10 ECs and they still got the scholarship. What will make you stand is the dedication to essays, recommendations, and nomination. My brother is an excellent essay writer and has a passion for achieving, so I think that’s a clear focus for your application. It’s actually like that for a lot of scholarships: with so many good stats from people, what separates them apart? Their essays.

Thank you so much @Philomath123

When did he start his essays ?

Like I said–he’s an excellent writer–but he likes to work under pressure. He started them in December but the deadline is in Jan. Don’t do that, have a god base for your essays

I started the essays a week before (I do not recommend this), didn’t get them proofread by anyone just me (I don’t know if that counts) and I still got it!

@texas25 congratulations!!! And thanks for the reply

Is it this gates millenium 2016 for current seniors who are graduating in 2016? or for juniors

I have been doing it but my teacher told me that this one was for juniors


This upcoming GMS round is for 2016 graduates/seniors, sorry.

And 2016 will be the last year for the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

^^^says who??

Hi there! GMS Scholar from the Cohort of 2015 here!

It’s true, 2016 will be the last year for the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Back when the grant was written for this scholarship, there was a quota of providing up to 10 years of higher education for 20,000 students. With the final cohort of 2016, we will have met this goal of 20,000. This is why there are only 1,000 awarded GMS scholarships left and why this academic year will be the last cohort eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship.