Gates and Rhodes same year?

<p>Is it possible to apply for the Gates and Rhodes Scholarships in the same year? or does the rule that one can not apply to Oxford and Cambridge in the same year apply here as well?</p>

<p>I don't know if you can apply for both scholarships, but if you are applying for graduate studies you CAN apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. I did! the restriction is only for undergraduate applications.</p>

<p>You can apply to any and all scholarships and fellowships in the same year. Indeed, the Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell have harmonized their application process to ease the work for faculty (mostly) and students. You can even be a finalist for a Marshall, Rhodes and Gates at the same time. The Marshall interviews (the final step) are a week or more before the Rhodes. Winners are told within a day, but no public announcement is made until after the Rhodes are selected and accepted, because most dual winners decline the Marshall to accept the Rhodes. So the Marshall has alternates that they offer the award to, and then announce their winners after the Rhodes even though they are selected first. </p>

<p>The Mitchell is a bit different, as it interviews the same weekend as the Rhodes, so finalists for both need to do some odds calculations: Odds of winning a rhodes as a finalist are one in 6 to 7 (i.e. 2 winners out of each district, which normally have 12 finalists, but may have more. DC for example, had 14 this year.) Odds of winning a Mitchell as a finalist are better: 12 out of 20, according to Texas</a> A&M University | FAQ</p>

<p>Don't know the Gates details, but I suspect they are similar.</p>

<p>The one thing you can't do, to the best of my knowledge, is hold more than one of these at the same time. Maybe even sequentially.</p>