**Gates Millennium 2015**

<p>Decided to make this thread regarding all future GMS applicants. Have you started writing your essays? Are you nervous about being selected?</p>

<p>Bump </p>

<p>I’m going to start my essays soon, considering I’ve already made a dent with my college essays. Although the deck is stacked against me, I’m ready to go for it.</p>

<p>What are your stats if you don’t mind posting them? @screamingpumpkin‌ your race, grades, state, test scores, etc.</p>


<p>What are the essays?</p>

<p>There are eight and they’re the same every year @irlandaise you can find them by looking it up.</p>

<p>Good to know, I’ll get started early.</p>

<p>I’m biracial, from a big Western state. I’ve received straight A’s up to this point, and my test scores are alright (for the schools I’d like to attend, at least; they could be better). I have a lot of ECs that I thoroughly enjoy, and I play a varsity sport.</p>

<p>I’m biracial as well @screamingpumpkin‌ but its African American on my transcript. You seem like a perfect candidate!!</p>

<p>I can only hope; I’m not too worried about that part. I’m going to write some (hopefully) kick-ass essays. </p>


<p>What colleges are you all looking at?</p>

<p>@irlandaise‌ I’m going for top Florida colleges, gates doesn’t care which school you go to right? Like it won’t discriminate if you go to UF instead of Harvard?</p>

<p>No Marissa, Gates doesn’t know what school you will be going to. When, and if you are selected as a semi finalist, they have you send in an admissions letter of acceptance from any school…but that is just part of their paperwork. You are not bound to go to that school. They just want to know that you will be matriculating to <em>some</em> school.</p>

<p>@Marrissa‌ - not at all. I’m more or less committing to Auburn, and a guy I know who won a Gates Millenium scholarship a few years back went to Auburn too. </p>

<p>I started and I only finished 1 essay, but it is so hard to think of what I want to write and then put it into sentences.</p>

<p>I just wish I can actually find help and not actually find it when it is november or december</p>

<p>I’m just worried about my community service hours. I do a lot of community service just don’t turn them in. And I don’t have any leadership titles because I always seem to lose elections :(</p>

<p>But I have been through a lot and maintained good grades so maybe that will help me :)</p>