Gates Millennium and Asian & Pacific Islander Scholarships

How many people are awarded these scholarships? What is the “acceptance” rate?


About 12,000 apply-ish each year and 1,000 receive the aid.

Sorry, you got that wrong. There were 52,000 applicants last year for 1,000 awards. You can see that stats on the GMS website (

^^^ Last post is about right. Last I remember, there were 52,000 applicants for 1000 awards around a year or two ago. Since then, it’s likely gone up in terms of applicants.

I went to a Gates workshop, the Gates scholar said they do get about 50,000 applications, but only about 9,000 people finish the application. There’s about a 1 in 9 chance of receiving the award, according to the scholar I spoke to.