Gates Millennium Scholarship- Academic Record

Hi, I’m a high school senior and I am applying for the gates millennium scholarship and I’ve noticed that under the academic record section it asked to list a foreign language class we have taken in 11th grade and 12th grade. I haven’t taken any foreign language courses during 11th or 12th, but I did take Spanish 1 in 8th grade and AP Spanish Language and Culture in 9th grade. So my question is: should I leave a blank space in the application or should i put the Spanish classes I’ve taken before 11th and 12th grade? Will this affect my chances of getting the scholarship?

@StringTheory17 The applications ask for only 11th & 12th grade academic recorders, so give them what they ask for. Also think about it this way, if you were to list your 8th and 9th grade academics records and later on in the application process you get picked as a GMS finalist, you would then have to give them your high school transcript. Once they see those classes were not your 11th & 12th grade academic record your chances of winning would be thrown out the window. So leaving it blank would be the best option.

Thank you so much

One of the essay questions is free response. You can mention your language background here. I used it to discuss things that weren’t covered in the application.