Gates Millennium Scholarship- Essay Length

Hi everyone, I’m currently writing the essays for the scholarship and I saw that one of my essays is around 500 words. Each essay can up to 1,000 words, so my question is: Should I try to add more? Is my essay too short?

From past winners I have heard that your word count should be consistent. Length in general doesn’t so much matters as long as you get your point across and answer the prompt. If it takes you 1000 fine, 500 fine, but I say do not get lower than 400 words.


As long as your essay precisely answers the prompt effectively and gets your point across, you should be fine.
Not all of your essays need to be consistent in word count. Sometimes you may have more to say for one prompt than another and some essays may have more support than others.

For me personally, I had ranges from ~400 to ~800 words. The main point was that my essays answered the prompt and what they were asking for.

Remember, there is a caveat. Essays that are too short are subject to not answering the prompt fully / effectively. Essays that are too long are not good either - often times they are filled with “fluff” and dilute the message you are trying to get across or add unnecessary details that are not as effective as being concise.

It is up to you to decide whether an essay is finished or not. Focus on the quality of the essay, not the length of it.

Alright. Thanks for the help