Gather 'round, college confidentialites

<p>I’m a junior looking for my perfect college, as I presume is everyone else on this site. My criteria is, I think, straightforward. Here goes:</p>

<li>Intellectual feel. I love the optimistic ideal of sitting around talking about Aristotle. (I just hope it actually exists somewhere.)</li>
<li>Indie/hipster vibe. Urban Outfitters-clad “indieviduals”.</li>
<li>Beautiful campus. To me, this means Hogwarts-esque classic beauty.</li>
<li>Great dance program. :)</li>
<li>Lots of opportunities for musical theater, dance performances, the like. </li>
<li>Coffee shop poetry readings.</li>
<li>In or near a city.</li>
<li>Superb academics, most notably in English, IR, and film.</li>
<li>Size doesn’t really matter, though I would prefer a small LAC (2,000ish)</li>

<p>So far I’m looking at Columbia, Vassar, UChicago, Kenyon, Amherst, and some others. </p>

<p>Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.</p>

<p>Reed? Pomona? Not sure they fit all your criteria, but those come to mind.</p>

<p>well as far as number 1 coues - amherst college, deff has a beautiful campus, and a great english program, as for the indie vibe -dont all colleges have that somewhat?</p>

<p>I second Reed. Also:</p>

<p>My school, Wesleyan, fits all of those criteria, expect that it is not particuarly close to a city (and most of our poetry readings and slams don't actually happen in coffee shops, but there are tons on campus). We're esp. strong in film and English. Our IR program is only a certificate (basically, a minor) and/or a concentration in the gov. department, but most people I know who are into IR are happy with it. </p>

<p>Have you looked at Swarthmore? It seems like it would be a good fit (I'm not sure about its dance program, but a very dancey friend of mind really liked it when she looked, and said that the dance classes that were avalible to Swat kids at Brywn Myer were good). Maybe Haverford too. </p>

<p>Also check out Oberlin, Skidmore, Lews+Clark and Goucher. I don't think they'll fit all of your criteria, but you might like them, and, depending on your stats some of them would probably work as matches or even safties.</p>

<p>Also look at Brown.</p>

<p>and Barnard!!!!!</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I knew I was missing something obvious. OP: If you're a girl, Barnard sounds like it would be a great option.</p>

<p>Also, maybe Macalaster. And Carelton, too, if you think it is close enough to a city (my friend there says she goes into the cities pretty often).</p>

<p>Berkeley! </p>

<li>Intellectual feel - check</li>
<li>Indie/hipster vibe - check (there is an Urban Outfitters on Bancroft St. next to campus)</li>
<li>Beautiful campus - check (especially the western, northern and eastern ends incorporating Berkeley's "classical core")</li>
<li>Dance program - check</li>
<li>Coffee shop poetry readings - check (tons of cafes and bookstores around the city)</li>
<li>In a city - check</li>
<li>Superb academics - check (top English department, poli sci)</li>
<li>Size is larger than what you're looking for...but makes up for it in plenty of opportunities.</li>

<p>swarthmore has everything you're looking for.</p>

<p>for sure look into NYU!!...a little bigger than you would like, but nyc has great dance opportunities and in wash. square you can get that "coffee shop" vibe</p>

<p>Definitely look into Pomona College. If you want to be near a city though (like walking distance) then that's not possible. But many of my friends regularly take the metro to Union Station in downtown LA, and it only takes 45 mins. Think Chinatown, Hollywood, Disneyland. Or Joshua Tree nature reserve, Yosemite. We're an hours drive away from wonderful beaches, or Mt Baldy - a hallmate of mine goes skiiing almost twice a month.</p>

<p>But we definitely have an intellectual focus and have top notch academics in English and IR. Professors are very nice, helpful, and your classmates will be both smart and more than willing to help. I can't think of a more nurturing yet challenging environment for an undergrad. </p>

<p>I'm not sure about film majors (do ask Pomona about it), but the theatre scene and arts scene are very vibrant here - friends of mine in theatre collaborate with students from the other Claremont colleges often on performances. The school also organizes trips off campus to watch plays, stand-up comedy and films on a regular basis. </p>

<p>Our dance program is superb - The Claremont College Ballroom Dance Company competes on a regular basis and gets plenty of accolades. We do particularly well in the formation events, as evidenced here:
5-C</a> Ballroom Dance Team Takes Yet Another National Championship - The Student Life
There are also jazz dance clubs, hip hop dance clubs and modern dance clubs on campus. I have a friend in modern dance and she absolutely enjoys it.</p>

<p>Our campus is gorgeous - Spanish architecture, blossoms, open grass areas, and open pools where you can study and chill by the pool at the same time. Frary Dining Hall is about as Hogwarts as you can get.</p>

<p>Look into Pomona =)</p>

<p>Definitely Pomona</p>

<p>If you're female, Smith.
Also, maybe Hampshire and/or Sarah Lawrence.</p>

<p>Clark U, Worcester, MA.</p>

<p>Wouldn't it be "confidantes"?</p>

<p>Let me just say, you're on the right track with Vassar. I almost laughed out loud and the "indievidual" thing, it's so perfect. In a good way, of course, I love Vassar, and it sounds perfect for you.</p>

<p>Vassar. Definitely fits your criteria. i don't know about its campus, though.</p>

<p>Vassar fits extremely well.</p>

<p>If you can handle it, Sarah Lawrence College. :) They're more artsy fartsy than your typical LAC.</p>

<p>Both are insanely gorgeous!</p>


<p>Haha, every single thing you said sounds very 'vassarish.' Or maybe I just have Vassar on the mind, since I'm hearing back from them in two weeks?</p>

<p>I also second Swarthmore, but be warned... you have to love learning with a serious passion to love Swarthmore.</p>

<p>Williams? Beautiful, great academics, awesome new performing arts center, not close to a city, though.</p>

<p>I'm glad to hear that Vassar is perfect from other people, and to know that I am not disillusioned in my love of the place. I'll look into everyone else's suggestions as well.</p>