Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe

Looking for additional information about this program. I have read everything on the UF website, but am wondering if anyone knows approximately how many students are admitted with this option, and what stats they may be looking for. My S is within the range for regular UF admission, 4.32W GPA, 1360 SAT, plus many activities, sports, leadership, job, but I know he’s definitely on the borderline for admissions. He is interested in Building Construction Management, and declared that on his application.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

For info on the number of offers and acceptances

And the number of applicants, admits and enrolled into the college (I’m assuming this is not including the @Santa Fe program)

As @Gator88NE referenced, the Gator Design, Construction and Planning Program offered the option to 108 kids last year and 45 accepted. In Construction Management, it was 22 offered and 13 accepted. No idea how many kids choose those majors each year…

My understanding is that if your son is not accepted as a traditional admit, then his application can then be sent for review for the program. UF then reviews those potential applicants and make offers. I was told that not every student who chooses that major, and is denied, gets offered the special program. However, if you don’t choose a design/construction/architecture major, then you won’t be considered for the program.

Given what you have said, if your son doesn’t get a traditional admit, then he has a chance at the UF/Santa Fe program.

My daughter is in Gator Engineering at Santa Fe and lived on UF campus her freshman year with several kids in the design/construction program. Those kids could not become official UF students until completion of their second semester.

If it is offered to your son, give it full consideration. It’s an offer to be a Gator but the student needs to be pretty committed to the major. You can’t switch to another major in another college (business, journalism, liberal arts, etc.) and stay in the program.

Thank you both for the information. I guess only time will tell :). I am a Gator, and my older child was offered PaCE two years ago with a similar GPA and higher test score (32 ACT), so I’m not confident in my son’s acceptance. She chose FSU (and loves it), but I think he would choose the Santa Fe to UF option, if offered.

@rccoble I think the Santa Fe bridge programs are a great option – and much better than PaCE. My daughter just finished GE@SF in three semesters and will be full-time on UF campus in the spring. For her, it worked out great. The key factors are that you have to feel pretty sure/secure about the major and then want to go through the extra work/hassle with Santa Fe because you want to be a Gator. Let us know what happens. Good luck to him (and we certainly don’t want you to have two semis in the family.)

@rccoble: We are happy to answer any questions you or your son have about Santa Fe College - including the GDC program. We regularly hear positive stories like the one referenced by @GatorDad305, and know that our graduates who transfer to UF graduate at the same rate as “native” students who enroll at UF as freshmen.

Greetings. We have recently discovered this program. My son is a HS senior and wants to study Construction Mgt at UF. He will apply to UF but really likes the Santa Fe program due to the smaller classes in transition from a smaller environment to UF. Can a student apply directly to the Santa Fe program within the Gator DCP or does he have to apply to UF and get a referral to the program at SF?

@WCGDad Both of my kids were admitted to this program, so I have some history with it. As of last year’s application, there was no process to apply for this program. I guess it is possible that this could change but probably not this year – as we would have heard about it. My advice is to make sure he selects the appropriate construction major so that he has a chance for this program if he is not offered a traditional admit.

@WCGDad - your son would apply to UF and put construction mgt as his major. If we can admit him to campus then we would. If not then we would see if he’s a good fit for the Santa Fe program. If he is admitted to campus but wants Santa Fe instead then he can petition for that.

@WCGDad My son is a current freshman in the GDC program for Building Construction Managment. I know this year is different than years past, but I honestly think it is a blessing that he was admitted this way. He is in smaller classes, and half are in person, as opposed to his full UF friends who are all remote. He will be a full UF student in January, so for Construction, it’s only one semester as a Santa Fe student. We were a bit upset when he got this ‘acceptance’ as he looked on paper to be a fit for a full acceptance to UF, but it honestly has worked out for the very best.