Gator Engineering at Santa Fe (2021 version)

(Slightly revised from prior year posts.)

On UF decision day February 26th, a very small number of applicants will get a peculiar-looking response from the university. They will not be granted admission as a fall or summer applicant, but they won’t be rejected either. Instead they will be offered a “bridge” program called Gator Engineering at Santa Fe. Only a few hundred kids will be given this option.

If you are selected for this, here’s what’s going on, based on my perspective as the parent of two students who accepted their invitations into this program in 2018 and 2020:

First, it’s complicated. Students in this program are kind of hybrids. They are part of UF but not official UF students immediately. But make no mistake: This is an invitation to be a part of Gator Nation.

UF has recognized that the workforce needs more engineers, but UF doesn’t have the capacity in its freshman/sophomore level pre-engineering classes to meet this demand. UF does have capacity in higher level engineering courses, though. Gator Engineering at Santa Fe is their solution, a partnership between UF and Santa Fe College in Gainesville.

Students admitted to this program take their critical tracking courses in engineering (calculus 1,2&3, chemistry, physics, etc.) at Santa Fe. They are students at Santa Fe to start but if they reach certain academic milestones, they can become UF students as early as their first spring semester. My daughter was in the program and was officially a Santa Fe student for the fall of 2018 but became an official UF student at the end of the fall term. She took classes at Santa Fe for three semesters and earned her AA from Santa Fe. Now she’s a full-time, upper-division UF student in the College of Engineering. My son is currently in the program. He made his numbers this past fall and is now a UF-ID carrying freshman.

How do you end up in this program? You don’t select GE@SF, it gets offered to you by UF. If you applied to UF and selected electrical eng., computer eng, computer science, environmental eng. or a few others and admissions liked you – but were on the bubble and didn’t make the cut for a traditional admit – then admissions forwarded your application among a few others to the college of engineering for consideration for GE@SF. The college of engineering then reviewed the applicants and narrowed it further, which led to the offers for GE@SF. The program is NOT offered to everyone who was denied a traditional admit as an engineering major. It’s a select group.

Reasons why you should accept:
• If you have your heart set on UF (and engineering), then take it. You will be part of the UF community from the beginning and have the chance to become a full UF student by the end of your first fall semester.

• If you feel strongly that you want to study engineering.

• After four years, you will have an AA from Santa Fe and a bachelor’s degree from the UF College of Engineering.

Reasons not to accept:

• If you don’t like the idea of taking classes at Santa Fe – for at least 3 semesters.

• If you can’t see yourself living off campus as a freshman and going to Santa Fe every day.

• If you don’t feel strongly about studying engineering. Freshman chemistry and calculus are hard. This is not an “easy” way into UF. You can’t be in this program for a semester and then change your major to business or agriculture or journalism, etc.

• If you have your heart set on joining other UF organizations right away: UF clubs, etc. (Not sure about joining fraternities/sororities but you can certainly go to the parties.) In the beginning you are a Santa Fe student which precludes you from some things. Once you have your UF-ID, you can join any club you want. My freshman son is in Gator Motorsports and loves it.

• If you aren’t ready for a challenging freshman year. To stay on track, you need to make good grades.

A few other points:
• Classes are smaller at Santa Fe, usually about 30 kids.

• Tuition is less at Santa Fe.

• Though kids in the program are not UF students to start, they can use many services on campus…

• Little things: at the beginning, you can’t buy student football tickets or gain free entry to things like the gym, other sporting events, pool, and museum. But you can use the library and wheedle your way into other things. This changes for the better once you get your UF admit.

• Give the program a hard look. I think some kids view this program as a pure rejection. It isn’t. Yes, you were not admitted to UF for Fall or Summer, but you have an option not offered to everyone. It may not be fully apparent right now, but UF wants you. (There are thousands of kids with flat-out rejections that would love to be you today.)

• Attend an information session. Hopefully they will be in person this year. Last year, they were cancelled due to Covid.

• Make the decision that is best for you.

There’s more information on the UF GE@SF page on the UF website, including details on the information sessions. There’s also a GE@SF Facebook page which is monitored by both the UF and Santa Fe advisors for the program.

The College of Design Construction and Planning has a similar partnership with Santa Fe. I don’t know much about the academic requirements.

An important note on housing. In the past, some kids in this program have been offered the option of living on UF campus and then commuting to Santa Fe. They did not offer this last year and it doesn’t appear that they will offer it this year. In my opinion, this really sucks. When my daughter was in the program, he lived on UF campus and absolutely loved it. If they do happen to offer it again, I would say jump at it.

It’s been three years since my daughter got her peculiar admissions answer. I know that we had way more questions than answers on decision day, so I hope this helps any of kids/parents who are hunting for info on the program.

Last year, we created a facebook group for the class of 2020 kids and their parents. We were able to share info and start scoping out roommates, housing etc. Parents: If your kid is already “all-in” on the program you might want to take the lead on creating such a group for the new group.

Go Gators!


Is there any threshold of SAT & GPA, below which, with those majors, you are likely put in to this program?

I don’t know the answer. After observing UF admissions for the past three years, I have learned not to prognosticate.

I have heard stories of kids with very impressive UW GPAs and SATs who have been rejected by UF, or put into alternative plans like this one or PaCE…is that what you mean?

The only thing I can say with certainty about UF admissions is that 40k+ kids and their parents will know a lot more in about 54 hours. Best of luck to your student and I hope the next two days go by quickly for you.

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Is there a Santa Fe option for other majors that they offer or is it only for engineers? I ask as I’ve seen other community colleges advertise, “start a ____ end a Gator”. Wondering if that would be an option at Santa Fe for business, or liberal arts types??

Not Liberal Arts - those students would go through the regular transfer process. The hybrid programs are through Engineering and Design, Construction & Planning

Thanks for being on these boards with answers from the Gator’s mouth so to speak. Its easy to get answers going all directions on these boards and refreshing to have an authoritative source chime in.

Thanks so much for the helpful information! My son got accepted into the Santa Fe Engineering. So I guess it’s not a total rejection? We are OOS so I’m pretty sure it’s a no for him. He wants the traditional college experience from the beginning and will likely choose his Penn State engineering or Virgina Tech engineering acceptances. Do you know if by May or June UF could offer him an acceptance to their main campus program? In other words, could Santa Fe be sort of a waitlist type of thing?

Thanks so much for the helpful information! My son got accepted into the Santa Fe Engineering. So I guess it’s not a total rejection? We are OOS so I’m pretty sure it’s a no for him. He wants the traditional college experience from the beginning and will likely choose his Penn State engineering or Virgina Tech engineering acceptances. Do you know if by May or June UF could offer him an acceptance to their main campus program? In other words, could Santa Fe be sort of a waitlist type of thing?

No it’s not a waitlist thing. If he wants to be a Gator Engineer then they are offering him a guaranteed path and spot if he jumps through the GE@SF hoops. The only other way to UF would be to transfer in the future. Transfers aren’t guaranteed and he would have to apply. Sounds like your son has excellent alternatives though. I will say my son loves the GE@SF program because of the smaller class sizes for the core classes. He’s in his second semester, is a card carrying UF student with all the same rights, privileges and benefits as a traditional admit but gets to take Calc 2 and Physics 1 this semester with 30 students instead of 300 or more.

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Thanks for the response! So in his second semester, can your son now live on campus? Being from OOS, I would want my son to live on campus ASAP. Also, I read somewhere they only admit about 150 students to the Santa Fe engineering program so I thought maybe by the end of May it would be possible for UF to reconsider the regular admit if there was room. That’s what I meant by waitlist.

The program is complicated. You could see if you could request a term change but I have never heard of it happening with GE@SF. Last year, I heard of kids getting term changes from Pace. But as far as I know, this is not a waitlist type of thing.

For housing, most places that the kids like require a year lease. So moving on campus in the middle of the year would be a logistical challenge.

It’s a big decision. The program is not for everyone.

Congrats on his acceptances to VT and Penn State. My son was accepted at UF but waitlisted at VT for engineering. We lived in Blacksburg for 3 years when my son was in elementary school - it’s an awesome place to be and I highly recommend the engineering program (my husband was a graduate student there). Good luck with your decision.

Thank you! And good luck to your son.

Does anyone know the statistics for acceptances to Gator Engineering at Santa Fe? I am wondering how many offered and enrolled last year and offered this year?

I haven’t seen 2020 numbers but in 2019 it was offered to around 500 kids with 160 enrolling. Its safe to assume that 2020 numbers were similar. What doesn’t seem to be published is how many initial applications that didn’t get a traditional admit were sent to the College of Engineering to be considered by the GE@SF admission panel.