Gay At BC

<p>Im just doing my final look at my schools, and I really like BC. A lot. </p>

<p>Im gay and Im just concerned that being gay isn't widely accepted here/well represented among the students. Is there a gay presence here?</p>

<p>@swimmermonkey: I can only speak from my experience at BC, which was very recent, but I had a lot of friends that were gay (10 or so that I knew <em>well</em> both gay and lesbian) and I knew a few gay faculty members.</p>

<p>Among the student body, or at least in the circles I was in, there was more acceptance than I think most people would expect. I never witnessed any homophobic incidents or bullying during my four years at BC. Even some of the more "socially conservative" students, or religious students, who were very active in the pro-life movement, were supportive of gay students. The faculty that I met were truly some of the most beloved faculty on the campus. I'm not gay, so I'm hesitant to say that it will be 100% okay, but in my experience, there were not any problems, and I would tell you if there were. </p>

<p>This year, one of the student newspapers (which is conservative in mission) published this article: ResLife</a> Poster Does Not Support "Love" | The Observer at Boston College
more info: Res</a> Hall Features "Support Love" Poster | The Observer at Boston College
This article rather shocked me as a recent graduate. As an alum of Boston College, I am personally embarrassed by the article. I found it out of character of not only the newspaper, which has, in my opinion, become rather inflammatory this year, but also of Boston College. However, the response from the student body was indeed characteristic of BC. </p>

<p>Other student organizations responded in support of the LGBT community. Here are a few articles: Gay</a> and Catholic, In Response to ?ResLife Poster Does Not Support Love - Letters to the Editor - The Heights - Boston College
In</a> support of 'Support Love' - Editorials - The Heights - Boston College</p>

<p>The first newspaper then published this "apology": "The</a> Observer" Responds | The Observer at Boston College</p>

<p>What makes me most proud is that in the apology, they say the student body is "irate" as a result of their first article. </p>

<p>You might also check out this article: The</a> Gavel Online ? BC celebrates National Coming Out Week
It covers BC's celebration of national coming out week. </p>

<p>Other resources/articles that might interest you:
UGBC</a> - GLC
Resources</a> for LGBT Students & Alumni - Boston College
[url=<a href="">]LGFSAA</a> Home - Boston College

The</a> Boston College Chronicle - Boston College</p>

<p>I would say that if you like BC a lot, don't give it another thought, and go to BC. This controversy I highlighted above was very uncharacteristic of the student body, but I thought I should raise it nevertheless. In my opinion, you should have zero problems with faculty and extremely few, if any, problems with students. The main issues, if they arise at all, will likely arise with the administration, regarding what they feel they can do within their mission (they have the same problem with sexual health groups/events). If you want to PM me, I will put you in touch with a student who was gay at BC, so you can get a more accurate answer.</p>

<p>I'm a member of the LGBT community. I have a limited perspective since I have only been here a semester, though. So far I have found my peers to be accepting. There are also efforts on behalf of the administration to make BC hospitable to LGBT students.</p>

<p>In addition to the resources EagleAlum posted, there are support groups run for LGBT students through the Women's Resource Center.</p>

<p>You are in Boston. You will be fine. And, BC would <em>definitely</em> not want bad press about LGBT students feeling left out at BC. My guess is that they will bend over backward to make sure you are feeling a part of the community. My nephew (gay) applied and spoke about sexual orientation in his personal essay and was admitted with flying colors. Good Luck!</p>