Gay Community at Brown?

<p>Hi, this is my first post!</p>

<p>As a gay student looking at schools, I always wonder how, of course, the gay community is accepted at my prospective schools. Brown is probably my top choice, but I’m worried because when I think of Brown I do have an image of a lot of preppy lax players. How is the gay scene at Brown?</p>

<p>Discussion regarding "gay friendly schools" has appeared before on CC. Some schools that may interest you are Brown, Swarthmore and Wesleyan. An often repeated saying is that "the two hardest things to find at Brown are heterosexuals and Republicans". Princeton is actively seeking gay/lesbian leaders. Dickinson College in Pennsylvania is also very welcoming. Apparently there is a national gay publication ( don't know what it is called as I am straight) that lists top colleges for gays and lesbians. A small highly competitive two year college in the Nevada/ California desert is also overwhelmingly gay according to a very conservative college guide. Hope this helps! Also you may want to consider Vassar, Oberlin and Grinnell. Deep Springs College is the small, two year school in the Calif./Nevada desert. Skidmore College is another to consider.</p>

<p>Preppy lax players? Hardly. </p>

<p>A lot of people I know here are very down to earth. It might just be the people I've encountered first semester, but you don't really find too many ppl who fit tha stereotype at all. Gays are definetly a lot more accepted here than most places. You'll still find the people who are a little startled by it(mostly internationals who come from conservative places), but it's pretty good I think. Can't say I'm very acutely tuned into it(since I am a heterosexual female), but I haven't heard about any of the gay people I know having problems.</p>

<p>Well, as a gay freshman here, I think I can help some. Yeah, there are some preppy kids here, but they tend to be a minority. I had a class with a bunch of athletes and some were nice and some were not. I can honestly say though, that if you are concerned about harassment, it's essentially non-existent, or at least I haven't seen any. The most intense reaction I've had was, "Really? Oh." Most people don't think anything of it, to the point that you sometimes wonder if they remember.</p>

<p>The scene here is generally good, but not that well organized. The QA runs a bunch of stuff, a lot of it social, but some gay guys go to them and a lot of others don't. I hear that it's because the QA was badly run in previous years, but now isn't. You'll meet a bunch of people just going through your day-to-day life, though. If by a scene you mean clubs, there is are a bunch of gay clubs in Providence, one of which is very popular and it's easy to find a group of people going. I myself am not really a fan, but that's just me. I'm happy to answer any more specific questions you have. It's an important thing to consider.</p>

<p>i dont know if you could go as far as to say preps are a minority here</p>