Gay life at Goucher?

<p>What is the gay life at Goucher like?</p>

<p>everyone is gay. ok not really, but there is a huge percentage and it's a really accepting campus</p>

<p>Goucher is one of the most accepting schools around. There is a student organization called Prism that is specifically there for the support of the LGBT community at the school, and they actually have a lot of events in support of it as well. You can check out the short page about Prism here: Goucher</a> College: Prism. Feel free to contact the person listed for the organization for more information, I'm sure they would be able to help! Goucher also holds many events and programs outside of Prism for the support of the LGBT community, even holding the Rainbow Reception to honor LGBT graduates and those who support them. Here is a page with all of the events held last April: Goucher</a> College: News Story -- Gaypril 2009.</p>