Gay Scene in KU


<p>I am a homosexual student from the west coast, thinking of attending KU upcoming fall.
I would like to know what the gay scene is like in KU and the city of Lawrence.</p>

<p>I would also like to know which dorm would be the most gay friendly.
Because the dorms are cheaper in Kansas than California, I would like to have my own bathroom, so I am thinking of Lewis or Ellsworth, but I heard the rich snobby kids live in Ellsworth. </p>

<p>(I accidently posted as a reply on the thread below. Please reply on this thread.)</p>

<p>KU has a gay fraternity - Delta Lambda Phi! I have a friend who is a freshman this year and is in the fraternity. He loves it! </p>

<p>Lawrence is a very accepting city. It's pretty liberal.
As for dorms, I'm not entirely sure but any dorm would be fine. Lewis is nice though.</p>