Gay student wins election at Texas A&M, prominent alumnus publicly reacts negatively

The referenced letter to the editor is here:

More from The Battalion, a newspaper at Texas A&M:
Note: see the related stories regarding the election rule controversy.

I saw that earlier today. Surprising that the U.S. Secretary of Energy has the time and inclination to care about and respond to a student government election.

Ditto, @brantly.

Dallas News says that the student who was disqualified is the son of a rather influential Republican donor/fundraiser in Dallas, and that Perry has been photographed with the family before… Looks like someone’s mom got upset and made a few calls.

In Texas even college politics is serious bidness.

gotta love politics …

good for A&M for backing Bobby Brooks!

Yawn. Another well-connected old square having a “get off my lawn moment”…

Goodness gracious! If you have to have your mommy call in the big guns to get you elected student body president, you’re really not up to the job.

The story details seem to have some issues but Perry get busy solving federal issues.

The election does not sound fair, maybe Perry has a point.

Based on the various articles in The Battalion, Brooks won the election because McIntosh was disqualified for two election rule violations (McIntosh had more votes). The J-Court in the student government overturned one of the violation findings, but let the other one (and the disqualification) stand.

A minor violation, and a rush to disqualify, it sounds like.

Really CC? Do we know daddy didn’t make the calls?

I too saw this news and was puzzled why Rick Perry would care about this. It struck me as odd.

@OHMomof2 per the article above:

“McIntosh, a senior, is the son of Dallas-based Republican fundraiser Alison McIntosh, who worked on Jeb Bush’s 2016 campaign and Mitt Romney’s 2012 run for president.”

(And, yes, I know that Alison can be a name for a man as well as a woman, but this Alison is female.)

@tutumom2001 - MY BAD! I assumed the consultant was male, and the dad.

Boy just when I think I’m pretty enlightened I make an assumption like that…reminds me of that old riddle:

Repressed feelings is my guess. (too much, sorry)

Perry began his political career as the A&M Yell Leader. And I have the impression that in Texas there’s a pretty direct connection between politics at UT and A&M and grown-up politics.

I had a classmate at Yale who was from Texas and wanted to go back there and to get involved with politics. He was devastated when he was rejected at UT Law School, and had to go to Harvard instead. He didn’t see how he was going to be able to participate in Texas politics without going to UT for either undergraduate or law school. (I’m not certain he considered A&M a worthy alternative. And Ted Cruz was still in elementary school then.) Anyway – everything worked out fine for him. He married a former Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Law Review, and now he’s a judge.

He was disqualified for failing to account for glow sticks used in a video. That is just ridiculous. This was an example of using a small error to change the results of an election, and void the will of the student voters. Shame!