GC recommendation

<p>Say that your GC doesnt really know you on a personal level but knows that you are an exceptional student whose in the top 10
My gc marked top 10% on everything for me.. we never really talked until this year</p>

<p>will it affect my chances of acceptance?</p>

<p>Im certain my English and biology teacher gave me great recommendations as I've talked with both of them so much.. and on very personal levels</p>

<p>Any idea?</p>

<p>according to ben jones of mit admissions, it wont hurt you at all. you gc will look lazy/bad, but you wont be affected negativly. if you had a heartfelt honest rec then i guess it can only help. dont worry, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Yeah, Shark_bite's right. The only reason they NEED a GC rec is to get a school profile to see what educational resources you were given, where you stand, etc. If they get a stellar rec, too, that's icing on the cake.</p>

<p>I had a nightmare with the GC rec. She filled out the questionaire part ok I guess but then on the rec she wrote 2 sentences, one of which was scratched out and rewritten. She didnt even use white-out. It was ridiculous. But I'm not really worried, and you shouldn't be either, because I come from a relatively small school and she still didnt know me. There is just no way some counselors can give awe-inspiring recs because of the sheer amount of students they have to deal with on a daily basis.</p>

<p>Wizdiz, I think your GC rec might be a problem. Unless you're a really strong applicant, I'd get a new rec. Its good that you've seen it. Maybe ask your principal or another GC. I had to do the same, even though my original rec wasn't that bad, it was just really bland and virtually the exact same rec another EA applicant from my school had.</p>

<p>Yeah, two sentences is a bit bad. At least make it a long generic one. Mine was generic, but she has a large chunk of students. So, it's understandable. As long as it doesn't say "well, this student burns small children and cats" or "he's racist" or the likes, the admissions office is pretty lenient and pretty much wants the school profile.</p>

<p>Yea it said something like shes a highly motivated student and will be an asset to your college.</p>

<p>Nothing bad so I hope it doesnt hurt. This was the first time anyone from my school applied to Harvard so she was totally clueless.</p>