GCC topic..opic...opic

<p>Yes, that is an echo.</p>

<p>Been pretty quiet around here for a while now. </p>

<p>DS has registered on face book and has been networking with some of the class of 2011. We looked at some of the stuff the other day together, and it seems like there is a nice group of students matriculating.</p>

<p>With the Freshman Computer program and the degree of "wiredness" of the campus, I thought there would be more and more activity on CC.</p>

<p>Oh well. DS is sched for the June 18 orientation. I think they also meet with advisors and register at this time for Fall Term??</p>

<p>Nothing yet on dorm assignments or things of that nature, I guess he went on to the MyGCC area and filled out the Dorm questionnaire. </p>

<p>Hopefully all is well with the people I have communicated with here....benice and happylady are only really two that I know whose kids are going to attend this fall. I keep my eyes peeled on the GCC Website, try to keep DS informed of anything coming down the pike.</p>

<p>SO this is a shout out to all you students, or parents out there who are attending or plan to come August.</p>


<p>Oh yeah, the latest web news (a week or so old by now), was the release of the specs for the Fresh puters for Fall 2007 entrance. Between the processor, hard drive, RAM upgrades, the printer and the 2GB USB drive they are providing....I estimated the retail to be over $3k. </p>

<p>Pretty nice perk. This doesn't even take into account the software, and Napster services!!!</p>

<p>We are having my sons Grad Party this Sunday. Current weather forecast calls for Sunny, Pleasant, and high of 76. Help me by keeping fingers crossed that the day turns out this way!!</p>