GE 21 - History of modern thought

<p>Anyone here taken it or know of people who have taken it? Opinions about the cluster?</p>

<p>Loved it. You kind of have to already have an interest or desire to learn about the subject areas though.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm very interested in learning about philosophy and such. I'm wondering about the workload though? Is it a lot? Did you have to write papers all the time?</p>

<p>Ah, I'm taking this fall quarter and I'm really excited about it!</p>

<p>Isn't this class more Sociology than Philosophy?</p>

<p>I think it's about social theories, but there is definitely a philosophical element. But I think you may be right about it being more heavily sociology.</p>

<p>The New Student Handbook describes the course as "examines classics of Western social, political, philosophical, and scientific thought from the 17th century to the present".</p>