GE Courses

I’m an incoming freshman majoring in Managerial Economics and wanted to get suggestions for GE courses to register for this fall.

Do you have any AP credit for GE courses? What are your interests?

What GE’s are you interested in fulfilling 1st quarter?

I would start off with either ENGL 003 Composition or UWP (undergrad writing) course. Anthropology 2 is a good course which fulfills the Domesitic Diversity and World Cultures GE requirement. Nutrition 10 would fulfill the Science/Engineering GE requirement.

UCD does not allow one to use AP credits for GEs.

Have you looked at First Year Seminars? They aren’t GEs but are a great way to explore interesting topics.

We noticed that a lot of the better professors aren’t teaching the entry level courses this quarter. As a result, some of the classes with good reputations have mediocre professors teaching them. Look up professors on Rate My Professor to get a feel for their teaching style.