Gender at LUC

LUC is one of the top choices for our D20.

The school looks like its almost 70% female, however.

We’re looking for some perspective on this from current students and their parents alike.

How does this imbalance (not meant as a negative) feel day-to-day? Is this intentional on the school’s part (thinking perhaps it’s a legacy of Mundelein College)? What are the pros/cons? How does this impact social life and how the students treat each other? What is the environment like?

Our daughter is at a coed public school now, and seems suited for a coed environment.

Thanks for being candid!

In higher ed there are now more females than males. So many of the schools we looked at have this same ratio. Our #1 went to a school with this ratio. I would rather a school have this ratio than have harder admission standards simply based on gender. Thus, we ruled out no schools because of this.

A lot of the schools D20 was looking at were in the range of 60/40 female to male ratio. Loyola is closer to 70/30. But she thinks Loyola is big enough that it’s not going to matter that much, especially as a business major. If it’s OK with her, that’s all that counts.