Gender Identity on College Application

I am a high school senior, and I am currently undertaking the arduous college application process. I am transgender, and while I understand that this is not a “pull” factor that might influence an admissions officer to admit me, I am wondering whether or not I should write an essay that discloses this. For reference, I am applying EA to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is quite liberal, if this makes any difference.

Please let me know any information that you may know regarding this subject.

Write an essay that conveys what you bring to the table. If you write primarily about being transgender, you miss the opportunity to highlight your actual accomplishments or why you’re a great match for the college. This doesn’t mean hiding who you are, but you must prioritize what is important to the AOs, not solely what matters to you.

Any subject CAN make for an astoundingly effective essay. Effective both ways—turning the reader In or off. I read a hilarious essay on Captain Crunch cereal that was the vehicle for showing family relationships and how the writer interacts with friends and family. But that was how the essay hit ME. I think the great writing will carry that essay well to most readers, and that it does give readers a glimpse into the writer’s personality and interactions which is important.

The problems with some essays is that they are trite, smack of too much of effort to be sensational and controversial. I say controversial in that while the subject might resonate with some people, it’s repugnant to others. You do not know who is reading your essay, and take the chance that the subject doesn’t sit well. That colors how the reader assessed the essay.

It takes even more skill to carry off these subjects. So you are taking a chance. It’s also a trending subject so your take on this competes with numerous essays on the subject. Appears to be something happening with a lot of teens.

I suggest using it as an essay for half of your schools and try another subject for the other half. I’ve suggested this a number of times to kids who want to write about things that are questionable in terms of how they are received. I say questionable because YOU are questioning this. Something in your mind is questioning if this is going to be well or ill received.

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