Gender/women studies advice

hey! I posted a similar discussion before but I didn’t get many responses so I’m posting again. I really want to go into Gender/Women studies major in college and I was wondering if anyone had any extracurricular or internship ideas of things I could do. I have some things lined up but I wanted more ideas. fell free to PM me :slight_smile:

Just off the top of my head, perhaps becoming a weekly volunteer at a women’s shelter or health center? I’m not sure where you live but this link (List of Museums – International Association of Women's Museums) may be helpful to find an internship at a museum. There’s an organization called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America that you may be able to join. Sorry if this wasn’t that helpful :sweat_smile:. This major has always really interested me! Where are you thinking of applying for it?

Gender studies is a thing that affects everything related to people and society, because everyone has a gender - and because women make up around half the population. So when you think about this, in addition to thinking about things that are more obviously directly related to women - like women’s shelters - you should also think broadly about things that are related to people - politics and government, public policy and law, social justice, conflict and peace, even environmental justice and tech.

Some thoughts are

  • Volunteering at a LGBTQ youth shelter, community center, or health clinic
  • Volunteering at a women’s health center or health clinic
  • Volunteering or interning at one of many organizations focused on justice and law (like the Equal Justice Initiative, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Women’s Law Center, or Equality Now)
  • Getting involved with nonprofits that help women run for political office, like Emily’s List
  • Interning in the office of pretty much any local or state legislator (inevitably they are going to deal with things that affect women’s rights and gender issues)
  • Getting involved in organizations that focus on the health of people from diverse genders, like Planned Parenthood or the Center for Reproductive Rights)

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of organizations that have to do with women’s and gender issues. Honestly if you do a search for “organizations focused on gender equality” or something similar you will find many of them. You can also check out lists here:

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