General Chemistry (CHEM400)

Hi all,

I was wondering (or more like get reassured lol) if it’s possible to get an A or at least a decent grade in General Chemistry with little to background in chemistry.

I took AP Chem in High School, did okay, got a C. But in my opinion technically failed the class. But because of this, I obtained the pre-req in order to get into the course.

Also, this was about 3 years ago? My high school offered AP Chem to sophomores; I’m a freshman in college right now. I am a bit terrified, that’s all. I’ve been going back and forth whether to downgrade to an introductory course to chem but many people have stated that managed to thrive in Gen Chem with no prior experience at all.

So I would just like to hear any advice or feedback. I believe I can put in the work and maybe even work twice as hard. I just want to know if it’s doable :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can check your knowledge of high school chemistry with sample questions from the SAT subject test: . High school chemistry is often the recommended prerequisites for college general chemistry.