General College App Question:Do your chances get worse as you get closer to deadline?

<p>I know a bunch of people have been accepted to various colleges, but I (because of some bumbling on the part of my counselor and the teacher who had to finish my rec) was only able to get out my Novmber 1st (postmarked) apps today. </p>

<p>My question is, how much are my chances damaged by this? I have good qualifications, but is being close to the deadline after they've accepted some people already gonna kill my chances?</p>

<p>Btw, I'm applying to northwestern Early decision (first choice), and UofI Urbana (safety).</p>


<p>if it's postmarked, it should be ok. (same consideration)</p>

<p>For Northwestern, as long as it is postmarked today, you will meet the ED deadline and sending it now rather than earlier will not mean anything to the decision -- NW will start its review after ED apps are complete and makes decisions based on knowing what the pool of applicants are.</p>

<p>At UIUC, you may have a minor issue. Its deadline date is December 15 and its "priority" date is November 1. Those who meet the priority date have an "advantage" over those who apply afterwards. UIUC has a form of rolling admissions but it is closer to regular. It will start sending out easy decisions before December and then continue to decide in December to February on others, and majoprity of those decisions are likely to be made after the pool is complete (after December 15). If it is a safety, it really won't make much difference to your admission decision whether you met the priority date, which for UIUC it appears you did not meet since its priority and deadline dates are ones by which applications and all necessary materials are required to be received UIUC, not sent.</p>

<p>I e-mailed the admissions office at UIUC and they said that they will accept priority applications that are postmarked by Nov 1.</p>