General Education Requirements and premed

<p>Hello, I want to be a premed but I have some questions about how to schedule all the courses.
How does a student fit all the required courses for med school and the GER courses into her schedule in order to apply to med school during her junior year? (So basically, I have to finish Gen Chem, Orgo Chem, Physics, Calc, Bio, and Eng all by junior year).
What schedule would I have to have freshmen year? I read that that the writing seminar has to be completed in the first year...</p>

<p>Obviously this system has worked since Emory has a really high percentage of premeds who get accepted to med school... but I was hoping for some personal examples from people. Like, did you have enough room in your schedule to take some classes outside of the med school/general education requirements? I want to pursue a major, and a minor in Visual Arts as well as the French and Chinese language. I also would like to study abroad for a semester...</p>

<p>And unfortunately, my AP scores aren't that good/numerous. I scored a 4 in APUSH and Chem, and a 5 in AP Lit. But I don't want to use my score in AP Chem to skip the first semester of Gen. Chem or whatever (if possible), since I'm weak in that area and I would like to re-learn some areas that I forgot. That means I can only get out of 1 or 2 GER (assuming I do badly on this year's APs... hopefully not). </p>

<p>So after all this rambling and convoluted message (I'm sorry!), I guess my question is: how would one schedule both med school and general education requirements?</p>

<p>Good question. I'm going for the math/economics route to med school and have the same problem. </p>

<p>My advice is to not worry about it for at least another 3 months. Around orientation we will get a chance to ask everything. There's no point in worrying now imo.</p>

<p>Heyy ! :) Im an Emory Pre-Med Student and I am in my sophmore year. I also major in Biology. Believe me, while recieveing the list of GERs for Emory, I was quite overwhelmed. There were so many. But as you actually sit down and plan for everything, your courses will work to your advantage. I am almost done with sophmore year, and I already completed ALL of my Medical school requirments, and I even completed more than half of Emory GER's. I just have a couple more to go, such as non important ones, like Dance or Physical Education. I plan to do that in my Junior and Senior years to lighten the workload a bit since I will complete an MCAT and many other pre-medical school admissions.
okay, so this was my schedule for my first semster as a Freshman: </p>

<p>Seminar: Bio (1:00-2:15) Tues, Thursday.
Writing/English Comp. (2:00-2:50) M,W,F.
Calculus I: (11:45-12:35) M, W, F.
Bio I- (10:00-11:15) Tues, Thurs
General Chem. I (6:30-9:30PM) Thursday.
As you can see, for my schedule my classes had significant breaks between them, which I enjoyed, since I could study for the next class, socialize, eat, or take a nap!
okay, second semester as a Freshman:</p>

<p>Health Science Writing (WRT requirment): 11-30-12:45- MWF
Calculus II, 2:00-2:50 MWF
Bio II 1:00-2:15 Tu, Thurs
Chem II- 10:00-11:15 AM Tu, Thurs
Intro to Theather (HAP requirment) 7:00-9:00 PM Wed. </p>

<p>Okay, on the sophmore year, first semester:
Intro Physics I- 10-11:15 Tu, Thurs
Organic Chem I 11:45-12:35 MWF
Acting Fundamentals 2-2:50 MWF
Beginning Yoga 1:00-2:14 Tu Thurs
Early and Medieval Islam 6:00-8:30 Monday. </p>

<p>Sophmore year, second semester:
Developmental Biology (Start to get in my major) 11:45-12:35 MWF
Organic Chem II- 2:30-5:30 Tuesday
Intro Physics II 11:30, 12:45
Fitness Yoga 2:00-3:15 MW
Modern Islam 6:00-8:45</p>

<p>Okay(: As you can see Im already finished with my med school requirements as I've taken one year of organ chem, chem, bio, math, and physics. I also am already finished with my history (HSC requriements) SNT, MQR, FWRT, FSEM, requirments as well.
I just have 2 more WRT requirments (Junior year), and more PED, PFF requirments. </p>

<p>Believe me, when I saw the GERs, I was MORE confused than ever, I thought that I was going to have to graduate in 5 years to get everything done. They tell you alot of stuff during orientation, and you can also take summer courses to complete GERs if you want to graduate earlier as well. Good luck :D Just know, that it is dueable.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! This really helped a lot! Oh and one more question: I see that some classes you took were around 6-9 PM. Did this affect any clubs or sports you wanted to do?</p>