General Education requirements for business students?


<p>I'm currently an out of state community college student looking to transfer to Tampa next fall as a marketing major.</p>

<p>So far the classes I completed are:</p>

<p>ENG 101 and ENG 102, COMM 101 Public Speaking (Will this class count as a humanities?)</p>

<p>Psychology 101(Social Science), Business Law, Intro to Microcomputers, Biology 101, Chemistry 101, College Algebra, Theatre Appreciation(Humanities), microeconomics. </p>

<p>My two questions are: 1- as a marketing major do I need to take business calculus?, 2- how many more classes do I need to satisfy the GE Requirements? summer will be my last semester before I transfer, I'm looking to 3 classes: philosophy, political science, and world geography; is this a good plan? Any recommendations?</p>