General Education Requirements...

<p>Does anyone know what the general education requirements are for Berkeley? I was having some trouble finding them online.</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>depends on which college you are in.</p>

<p>Letters and Sciences (possible major in: politicial science, philosophy, peace and conflict studies).</p>

<p>look up "breadth requirements" on their website.</p>

<p>you've basically got the 7 breadth reqs, the quantitative analysis (Calc 1 + 2), the English (Eng 1A+1B, 4 on the AP + 1B, or 5 on the AP (Lit, lang only gets you out of 1A if you get a 5)). There's also a req of 7 upper division classes outside your major I believe. It says it all on the L&S site in case I missed anything.</p>

<p>i'm taking calculus AB righ tnow...and i was wondeirng what are the advantages of taking calc BC and getting a 5?? i know you get out of math 1a and 1b. and isn't that the smart choice since i heard math at berkeley is insane?? are those the only 2 math classes required for college of letters and sceince?? cuz if they are...then i wish i took calc BC and tired to get a 5 on it.. but if there are higher lvels of math we need to take...then it would be stupid to skip through math 1a and 1b. can someone clarify this for me</p>

<p>just depends on your major. if it doesn't involve math, then skip it. but if your major is math intensive, then you should take those classes again because they usually go more on depth, analytical than in high school- or so I've heard.</p>


<p>(For Letters & Sciences)
Is it possible to get around taking the Calculus classes? The term "2 semester units" then classified under each topic (Mathetmatics, Stats, Computer Sci) lends me to believe that the only viable option is taking the joint term of Calculus 1A/1B. Can I take some variation, like an Intro to Computer Sci with and Intro to Stats?</p>

<p>As a side-note, I'm flying into the area tomorrow and will be visiting the campus on friday. =)</p>

<p>My bad, I misread the req before</p>

<p>it can be cleared before you get to Berkeley in a number of ways, check this site for details</p>

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<p>EDIT: Yay! Hope you have fun while you're there! It's a great place to be!</p>

<p>Use this link for a whole lot of info:</p>

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<p>is it at all possible NOT to have to take math if you are going into letters and sciences? like, say, for an english major? math hates me...and i'm in ap stat but i am definitely not going to get anything close to a five so i don't think that will help me at all. and i don't think it even counts anyway.</p>

<p>i think a 5 on the BC test will free you from math 1a and 2a or math 16a and 16b</p>

<p>I don't have to take math because I tested out of it (and it is not required for my major 'cept a empirical analysis class).</p>

<p>if I read the material correctly, you can get out of it in a bunch of different ways, some of them have to do with SAT/SATII/ACT scores. See my link above</p>


<p>okay, well... i have a 660 sat II, 710 sat I as for math. i am not taking AP calc. i am taking AP stat, but i am not expecting a good grade, because i am not planning on studying for a couple of reasons (it is a lost cause since it is next week, and also i hate stat). so if i'm not going to test out of it, what i was asking is does EVERYONE have to take calc, even if their major has nothing to do with math whatsoever? if i want to major in english, is calc still required, or can i get away with taking something else for a math requirement? if i have to take calc i will cry..</p>

<p>you're out of the Quantitative Reasoning classes by your SAT I and SAT II scores, see the link above if you need written proof.</p>


<p>Thanks, BACKTOREALITY,</p>

<p>I had read through all of that stuff before, but I was confused about the "Before Coming to Berkeley" and "At Berkeley." I figured the "Before" section was simply the prerequisites to get into the Letters&Sciences- who knew the requirements would be so lax?!? Ahhh, so cool. It's a bit difficult believe, but it's official, so i'll take it. I better print it out, it could be considered a contractual agreement...</p>

<p>(P.S.- don't expect to see my ass in a math class anytime over the next four years. hahahaha =) )</p>


<p>Oh yeah, History of Art major (cannot see how Calculus would be, in the least bit, beneficial in the future).</p>

<p>Wait, so if I'm going to major in something like legal studies, I don't have to take a math class? (700 on Math IC, currently in stats, took precalc)</p>

<p>If I read this correctly, then no. However, as a legal studies major some form of statistics may be required (or at least it may be beneficial).</p>