General Engineering in Canada without HL Maths/Chemistry


I am an IB student from Hong Kong studying HL Physics, Computer Science, and Geography, and SL Mathematics Analysis and Approaches, English A Language and Literature, and Chinese B. I’m expecting a final score of 42/45 points.

Which universities in Canada allow students to apply to the school/department/faculty of Engineering without declaring a speciality (such as civil, aeronautical, etc.)?

Do my qualifications allow me to apply? Note that I do not study HL Maths or Chemistry, but do study Physics and Computer Science, both at HL.

Thank you.

You may want to look at the websites for each university that interests you. Here for example are McGill’s requirements. McGill does require applying to a specific major but you can apply to two programs on the same application.

UBC says that they might take you without chemistry. All engineering students have a common first year at UBC.

I couldn’t find any engineering programs in Ontario that would take someone without chemistry. Google “university name” and "engineering admission requirements " for other universities you are interested in.