General Prereq Question English Major


<p>I am currently a freshman at Los Angeles Pierce College trying to figure out my academic plan for my last year at community college. I know that the IGETC has to be finished by the end of next Spring and my Math and English requirement have to be finished by next Fall. However, I am very confused on how much of my major requirements need to be done by next Fall. I am an English Major and after this semester I will still have 6 prereq classes left. I plan to try to take as many as possible before the end of next fall (and I'm trying to add one more right now). On the UCLA site it says I should be "on progress" with my major requirements by the end of next Fall. If I still have 2-3 English Major prereqs left for next Spring is that a big deal? I'm getting semi-vague answers from my counselors who do not seem to worried about it, especially because I will probably be TAP Certified by then.</p>


<p>I forgot to add that the major prereqs i will most likely have left over during next spring are part of the english major foreign language requirement (translated english courses), if that makes any difference.</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>

<p>I wouldn't be worried about it. I had two pre-reqs not finished and got accepted to UCLA/Berk. Berkeley let me take lower division courses to finish the pre-reqs once I got there. Yes, I majored in English.</p>

<p>So as long as I get my major requirements all done by the end of Spring I should be fine? the reason why I'm wondering is that my college does not offer all the classes I need all the time, so I'm worried I may not be able to finish 1 or 2 of my foreign language in translation courses but will have done most if not all of them ones available.</p>

<p>thanks thanks</p>

<p>I applied as an English major for this fall and i am only taking my last pre-req this spring.</p>