General Question about Tag and majors

<p>So what exactly happens if you rejected for your major?</p>

<p>Do you get another chance to choose a major since you're guaranteed admission?</p>

<p>its kind of confusing to me</p>

<p>You can only be rejected for your major if you are trying to get into an impacted major. Generally the UCs want you to pick some other secondary (and non-impacted) major that they can place you in if you don't make it into the impacted one. If you choose another impacted major as your backup major, and then fail to make it into both majors, they'll just put you in as "Undeclared".</p>

<p>Once you classified as undeclared, you can just choose a major once you are actually accepted and registered for classes. However, you won't be allowed to choose an impacted major.</p>

<p>When you're guaranteed admission through TAG, you are guaranteed admission to the campus. On your application you mark your first and second choice majors. They (almost always) admit you for your first. I really wouldn't be concerned with the UC's admitting you for your backup major. It is a very rare occurrence judging by what I've read.</p>

<p>oh ok thanks guys</p>