Dear Community,
If anyone can help me regarding this important question I would greatly appreciate it.
I applied to SDSU for Fall 2021 and my application is still under review. I put that I am going to be taking 18 units for Spring 2021 planned, however, I want to drop a course and I won’t be able to update that for them to see. My question is that, am I allowed to drop a Spring course that is not a major or transfer requirement course it’s just an elective course that I do not need because I already meet satisfying transfer credit and major courses+Gpa. I feel that it is just too much because I just finished taking 21 units for Winter 2021 and I am exhausted. Is there a specific rule for CalState? I know that for UC you can drop Spring or add because it doesn’t count towards decisions. Please let me know, thanks a bunch.

You can drop a course, but you will need to let any college you have applied know about the schedule change including SDSU. I always tell applicants to contact the school first and get their approval before dropping.