General talk about WPI

<p>Anyone else want to talk about this school. I will end up going here unless I get a free ride to RPI, which wont happen. What does everyone think of the classes? I heard from the Mass Academy students that the calc class is basically a lecture. Do AP credits get you out of class and how hard are the 4 chem tests? I took chem last year but I'd study a lot during the summer to opt out of them.
Other comments: I never knew the lake across the street was part of WPI. I looked at a map and was like *** is this lake, and I drive by it once a week. Any alumni, current students want to give an opinion...
Also heard that the frat parties are among the best in the country.</p>

<p>i keep get emails about this school. there about some inventive application or something. so, would anyone like to tell me what WPI is all about? what is the most common major? how does the campus look, etc.?</p>

<p>if you don't respond it's completely cool.</p>

<p>The campus is surrounded by city on all sides. The american antiquarian society is on one side, and that is near the pond. The campus is all brick, and the parking is normally tight. It is a wired campus and inside a classroom building they have 4 pool tables and a lounge for people to sit. It is almost a completely flat college, which saves you if you hate going up stairs. Some people think there isnt much to do in Worcester, but there actually is a lot.
WPI says that they are all about having their students do hands on projects and they have to do a senior project. Most students like doing these. The people I talked to were friendly and you wont find stuck up kids there. I think you have to take a PE course freshman year (actually a few). They work on the trimester program and I believe that Christmas break is short like it is in highschool.</p>

<p>thanks for the info...</p>

<p>Since WPI is known for its focus on engineering, is it worth attending the college for a biology/premed major? Would i be better off at BU?</p>

<p>I did a summer program at WPI, and decided not to attend, but have several friends there, and know quite a bit about the school.
WPI is a term system, not a trimester system, and WPI students take three classes each term. These classes are the rough equivalent to a semester college class, and you end up learning more material faster. If you hate a class, it's over in seven weeks, so your vacations are a little unusual.
Since WPI is a Polytechnic Institute, most people do engineering. I couldn't tell you anything about their bio program, but one of the stats I learned at the engineering summer camp thingy I did was that 98% of engineering majors get into med school- so it's not a bad route.
One of the big thing that WPI likes to pub is the three projects that you ave to do for graduation One is a humanities project, another has you invariably going abroad (usually for just a term), and the final one has you perhaps working with a company. As for the abroad destinations, don't think London, Paris or Rome, think Thailand, Hong Kong or Nmibia.
WPI admissions are what the students who go there would like: it's all by the numbers. You need not write a stellar essay about saving the starving children in Africa while spouting personal philosophy, you just need good grades/class ranks, and SAT scores- that's their focus. I believe valedictorians, and class presidents get a predeteremined amount of merit money as well.
To stereotype, WPI has a big nerdy population and a 75% to 25% male to female ratio. A female tour guide joked that the ratio felt like 50/50 if only because the amount of boys you'd expect would stay in their room playing video games and don't come out, do, so you don't notice the despairity so much. D & D is a Saturday night activity for many. A lot of people are very intelligent, but are bad writers, but this isn't everyone. The food isn't that great either.
The WPI population is about 2000, and the campus is compact. It is not drop dead gorgeous, but picturesque all the same. There is no such thing as a far walk at WPI. Greek life is a big deal here.
BU is a completely different school from WPI. It's large and campusless, while WPI will give you the sense of not being in city.</p>

<p>wow, thanks for all the info guys, i plan on attending WPI also, i want to major in biomedical engineering and will proabably take the med route,other are the dorms, how is the food(late night food?), good things about the city of worcester, are the RA's very nerdy also, or do they let things slide?</p>


<p>The city of Worcester
There are 9 colleges here, they are about equal distances from eachother, maybe around 3 miles to the closest one. Worcester has a lot of Bars, two stripclubs, lots of restaurants, although most are chain ones. There are two movie theatres that are close, and two malls that are about a 15 minute drive. Certain areas have bad traffic, but it is only at like 4/430 to 6 mon-fri. The rest of the time, you can expect to go fast. We have a big St. Patricks Day parade, and a latino festival every year. Theres a plumbing museum here, an art museum (never gone to either) and stores. The cops dont arrest people at parties, if they do manage to find them, they care more about drugs. As for the neighborhood, there is one bad part of town, which is called Main South. It isnt even that bad, except about 3 streets of it. I have worked down at the Y at 1130 at night and no one bothered me. There is a Y in Worcester and one that is about 10 min from WPI. The neighborhood of WPI is good, it is actually on one side, leading to probably the best part of Worcester. The other side goes to double deckers and highland street, which has a lot of small food shops, but that neighborhood is fine. There is apopulation of albanians, but they hang out at Elm Park, not close to WPI.</p>

A female tour guide joked that the ratio felt like 50/50 if only because the amount of boys you'd expect would stay in their room playing video games and don't come out, do, so you don't notice the despairity so much.


<p>my male tour guide said the exact same thing</p>


<p>someone might have said this already - but wpi runs on 4 7-week terms, not on trimesters. it's an intense schedule, but works out really well - my sister's a senior there and loves it</p>

<p>Regarding the question about Biology. My overall impression is that WPI is strong in Biology, but I gather that in recent years the trend is Biotechnology (that's were the $$ is going; new buildings and facilities). Organismal and Evolutionary Biology don't appear to have as much emphasis as Biotech, but courses at other colleges in the Worcester Consortium may fill that need.</p>

<p>I want to know...what is the track record of WPI for sending its students to top grad schools like MIT,Stanford,Berk etc....
Also does WPI allow us to take more courses to finish the course early??</p>

<p>Also if anyone is aware please tell me more abt the kind of internships on offer and also the companies that hire on campus...</p>

<p>Yes, i hear great things about the academics and the diversity of thier curric. but i am yet to hear anything about job placement, internships and name recognition towards recruiters.</p>

<p>Reportedly, WPI's reputation among company recruiters is strong all over the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region.</p>

<p>if u are looking for anything in tech...just dont bother worrying about opportunities in the industry, there are more of those than there are students. However if u want to go into Consulting or Banking ec, this prolly wont have that much for you in terms of career guidance.
Basically we are a tech school and thats what we are best at.</p>

<p>Where did you see/read that? Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>Well i am a current student here at WPI and if u just look at the sheer number of recruiters in the career fair you can tell that the ties are strong</p>

<p>How did Worcester State College win the 2006 "Best College in Worcester" award over you guys?</p>

<p>Seriously no idea man ^^^...
But on any given day the opportunities available for you at WPI will be much greater than at WSC.</p>