General thoughts about Bucknell

Hey! I was recently accepted at Bucknell. I would love to hear more about what the party scene is like, how the people are, and what the general environment is like. I know they have good academics, but I am more worried about how I would fit into the social environment. I am outgoing and I do like to go out, but I also enjoy staying in as well. I haven’t seen the campus and I don’t know anyone who goes, so I would love to hear y’alls general thoughts on the vibe of the school.

My daughter was accepted as well, so I share your concerns. Following!!!

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There are also on campus in person events. We are scheduled for one in the coming weeks.

From what I know, greek life is definitely prominent on campus although its not like other schools. Its more of a social outing if anything. There are also many events that the school does throughout the week for people that are not interested in partying. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Party and academic scene is also very similar to wake/colgate/lehigh/washington and lee

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That’s helpful! I got deferred from my ED to wake so anything that resembles it is exciting to me!! Thank you all for your replies I really am grateful for the help!!


The campus is gorgeous and facilities are top notch. Hopefully you can see for yourself but it has wonderful amenities. Greek life is prominent in the social scene but you do not have to join to enjoy it. There are also other activities if that is not your scene. The town of Lewisburg is small and there are a variety of restaurants there. The University is usually the source of most activities - they have something going on every weekend in normal times.


Bucknell has a very active social scene. Lots of drinking which is not limited to beer as hard liquor has a presence at parties.

Campus is very attractive. Solid academics.

At almost 3,700 students, Bucknell University is among the two or three largest LACs.

Member of the Patriot League for athletics–which is a definite positive in my view.

In short, lots of fun activities, beautiful campus, & excellent academics.


My daughter was accepted to Bucknell but is also concerned about the social scene. She is very outgoing and has always had a busy social life. She is unsure about being on a Greek dominated campus. Also how conservative is it? My daughter likes to have fun, enjoys Arts and culture, and is progressive minded. I read that parents attend student parties when visiting. I’d much prefer to take her to dinner, shopping or a show than attend a fraternity keg party :joy:. Is there anything to do off campus? The academics seem solid at Bucknell with nice facilities, but I think she may be better of at a school with a nice campus but within Boston, DC or NYC areas. Any thoughts?

Bucknell leans conservative. The typical Bucknell student is quite different from the typical student at Haverford College (the other school which you have inquired about on CC).

Bucknell University overlap schools are:

Colgate, Lehigh, Univ. of Richmond, Villanova, Wash & Lee, Cornell, Boston College, & Lafayette.

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Thank you! These answers are helpful in a year where kids are having to decide on schools they have never been to. Best wishes to all

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Social scene is fun, but in a good way!

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You nailed it on the overlaps. Our Ds never considered Haverford - just not a fit as nearly all the others you mentioned.

On the comment about “conservative leaning”, I’m just not even sure what that means anymore or if it rings true. Not sure if there are ANY schools you can say that about outside of Hillsdale, a few in the south or faith-based. Bucknell seems like a good mix in all the touch points we’ve had since 2017 …


Historically, Bucknell University has been known for lots of students with parents who own their own businesses. The most popular majors at Bucknell are business related. Business majors tend to be more conservative than the average LAC student.

Pat Sajack’s Hillsdale College does a bit more than just lean conservative.

This is a head scratcher. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make as what you mention simply is not accurate. What do you mean “historically known for lots of students with parents who own their own businesses” ?? That is just bizarre and baseless.

Take a look at their common data set (actual numbers) and the academic section of their website which shows that of their roughly 3,700 students only about 600 are in the “Business school”. Further, in terms of degrees conferred last year, most were in social science (26%), followed by engineering (17%), business (13%) then biology (10%).

Not sure what your insinuation is about Hillsdale (or the references made) but I think we should all be tolerant of and open to the opinions of many - even those we may disagree with - in order to formulate our own views over time. This is the beauty of having freedom and choices !


LOL I love Hillsdale College at which Pat Sajak is Chairman of the Board of Trustees & his daughter is a student.

Business 122 plus Economics 105 = 227

Total engineering = 147, but many, maybe most, are in 5 year programs.

Bucknell may have changed a bit, but that is why I wrote “Historically”.

I’m not sure where you are getting this info. Most engineers complete 4 year degrees there.


Right. ENG at Bucknell is not a 5 yr program. It is absolutely 4 years and incredibly strong top to bottom.


I disagree that Cornell is a conservative school… my nephew started there as a child raised w/ constant exposure to Fox news, and would often parrot his father’s conservative talking points. By the time he was a sophomore, he had done a 180. I also have a couple of friends who are Cornell alums, and they are hardly conservative.

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@MaryMcK: Not sure why you directed this response to me. I did not write anything about Cornell. This thread is about Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.