General Thoughts About Rhodes College

Hi! I was wondering what the general vibe is at Rhodes? Is it a party school? Is there a “work hard play hard” vibe? Are students competitive with each other? Just things like that. I would love to hear about y’alls experiences in general and thoughts about the school. Thank you!

I would love to hear more about this as well! I am touring soon so I hope to learn some more!

@bgtwinmom2021 works at Rhodes. Maybe she could give some insight. My D and I are visiting in March for one of the Senior Fridays.

I hope someone will respond!!!

My son is a Junior at Rhodes.

He certainly went to a few parties in his first year and even with Covid has a social life but from what I can gather after the first year lessons pile on and if you are serious about studying you need to get your head down. Because he is on aid he needs to get certain grades to keep it. We are happy with his work ethic and he doesn’t seem too stressed.

He has a on campus job which keeps him out of mischief and is a PA to the first years, which he thoroughly enjoys - look out for him next year if you go as he is planning on doing it again.

I don’t feel it is a competitive school, though not sure of what is meant by that. He pushes himself but only against himself and not anyone else.

Many of his friends are in Greek Life but he isn’t. His girlfriend is and she is kept quite busy by it even in these times.

He has lots of support from his tutors. We are very happy with his choice, as is he.

Hope this helps.


The experiences of the junior parent seem spot-on to me. Students work hard to do their best, not to outdo their classmates. Yes, there are parties and typical college life experiences, but in general the student body is a responsible group of people who know what they need to do in order to succeed (and of course some have varying definitions of “succeed”). Let me know if you have other questions or if I can help.

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thank you both!! :)))

We are visiting Rhodes this week. I’ll post our impressions when we get back. Happy to be the CC eyes on the ground if you have any questions.

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@DramaMama2021 How did the school and neighborhood around it look? Academic and sport facilities? Memphis?

Here is my post about our visit to Rhodes last week. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll do my best to answer. :grinning:


The campus is beautiful with Gothic architecture and stained glass. The style is consistent across all the buildings, regardless when constructed. I liked that, but it was a bit too much of the same thing for my D. We went in a couple of the science buildings and my D was impressed by the labs and resources we could see (again, somewhat limited because of covid). The facilities are modern, and we were told they are available to students 24/7. We were not able to see the gym or any of the athletic facilities except from a bit of a distance.

Downtown Memphis was fairly open. One impressive thing (which I should edit my other post to add) is the way the city has handled covid. All restaurants require patrons to sign in and include a phone number in case contact tracing is required. Even on Beale Street we felt the protocols were being enforced and taken seriously.