General Transfer Questions


<p>I'm an international student and I will be attending a California Community College in Spring 2007. My major is EECS and I'd like to transfer to Berkeley as a junior (i'm considering other UC's too of course). But to fulfill the admission requirements for Berkeley's EECS program and because Berkeley only accepts fall applicants I'd have to stay at my CC for about 5 semesters. Another problem is that if I focus on Berkeley's EECS requirements, I probably won't even be able to complete the IGETC (which is not recommended for EECS) or general education requirements for other UC's.</p>

<p>However, my dream school has always been Stanford, but i know that it is almost impossible to get in there as a transfer, especially with a CC background. </p>

<p>Now to my questions.. What if I don't focus on Berkeley's EECS program and complete more than 60 units by Spring 2008 and transfer to some other UC (let's say UCLA for example)
- Will I be considered a sophomore or a junior at UCLA?
- Can I transfer out of UCLA and into Berkeley (or some other school) again after 2 Semesters?
- If yes, would 2 Semesters at a UC really improve my Chances for Stanford or other schools of its caliber?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Anyone? : (</p>

<p>Okay, some more questions, maybe someone can answer one of those ;p
- What would be the fastest way to get into a UC from my CC with the possibility of transferring out again? (If there is one)
- Is it possible to transfer somewhere before having completed 60 units? I couldn't find anything about this on a UC homepage, they always say that you musst have completed at least 60 units, but i'm wondering how it's possible for some people on this board to transfer after their freshman year then.</p>

<p>i love how people try and use the UC's as leverage to try and 'transfer up' after cc's. its beautiful. even if berkeley is the number one public instituition in the world and the pinnacle of community education, it cant beat the prestige of ivy league. jesus christ.</p>

<p>I'm not talking about the Ivy League, but about Stanford. I would be more than happy if I could go to Berkeley, trust me. It's just that Stanford has always been my dream school and why don't try to make the best of my situation in order to improve my chances?</p>

<p>And btw, I would chose Berkeley over Ivy league schools for EECS.</p>

<p>you can take summer classes to catch up.</p>