General Waitlist Over

<p>I just got my letter saying:</p>

<p>"Thank you for choosing to remain on Yale's wait list. I am sorry to tell you that a review of the status of our freshman class indicates that we will not be able to give further consideration to your application. I appreciate your patience in awaiting final word of your candidacy."</p>

<p>I am not sure if they have an extended wait list, but I am assuming most wait listed candidates will receive the same letter.</p>

<p>Was it an email or an actual letter?</p>

<p>It's an actual letter. Just got mine too.</p>

<p>May I ask where you guys live? I was waitlisted, and I'm an international (Canada), but I haven't received anything...</p>

<p>:( i'm international too.. No e-mail either.
Most probably a rejection cus it takes time for mail to come this way.</p>

<p>Did the online status change once you got the rejection letter?</p>