Generation X Vocal Camp

<p>Is anyone familiar with the Generation X vocal camp that Sherrill Milnes runs in Orlando? My son heard about it from a voice teacher and would like to apply. But we don't know anyone who has attended, so we'd just like a little more info.</p>

<p>I went last summer! It was my second voice program of the summer and my second voice program overall. It was drastically different from my first program. There were 11 students total, with 8 being in high school and 3 being in college. I was one of the youngest at 15 years old, and the oldest was a 20 year old rising college junior. The location is changing this year because of the Republican convention, I believe, so I'm not exactly sure where it is this year, but we stayed in a hotel that was very nice. We spent our days at the Patel Conservatory in Tampa, and we had ensemble rehearsals and solo lessons with Sherill Milnes himself, his wife Maria Zouves, and the amazing Stella Zambalis. Sitting in on other student's lessons was highly encouraged. We also had fantastic coaches, and a few other teachers came in a couple days to help us with diction. The program is only one week, and in that one week we put on a showcase. The second night there is the first showcase where we all sing the best song we have, and judges comment right after you sing. The following day, everyone gets opera or musical theatre scene assignments, the girls do an ensemble piece, the boys do an ensemble piece, and everyone does solos. They may make classical singers sing MT pieces. We learn and stage all of this an five days. </p>

<p>A great part of the program is the "brown bag" lunches. The actual food got old because we ate the same exact thing every day, but the awesome part was that we actually got to eat lunch with Sherill Milnes every day! Each meal had a discussion topic such as the being in the business, how to be successful, and college preparation. An admissions representative from Northwestern came to give all of us counseling sessions about undergrad. The three college age students had sessions about grad school. </p>

<p>Overall, I would recommend the program. I learned a lot and gained a great amount of performance skill in a short amount of time. Also, how many young singers can say that they've had lunch with Sherill Milnes every day for a week? The faculty is encouraging, but they won't mince words. At times I did feel overwhelmed with the fast pace and high expectations, but everything worked out for the best, and I only gained positive things from the experience. One concern I would have is that there were not enough practice rooms for everyone, and during the day with lessons going on, they were often full. We were not allowed to sing in the hotels because we could disturb the other guests. That would really be my biggest negative. This may or may not be the case next year because they are not going to be using the Patel Conservatory.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! I guess the program is moving to Orlando because of the convention. The accomodations are at Disneyworld, so I don't know about the practice room situation, etc. But it sounds like a great opportunity to work with some great folks.</p>

<p>If you can get to Evanston, IL at the end of March - there is a competition called "Opera Idol" that Sherrill Milnes sponsors. The winner gets $500 towards a vocal camp and they do push the Generation X camp. If you google Opera Idol Evanston 2012 you can find the info. Under 19 year olds compete in Opera Idol jr.</p>